Adelaide sunset

Top reasons to holiday in Adelaide

March 8, 2023 Travel League 0

Adelaide is one gorgeous destination you can’t fail to have satisfying reasons to tour any day. With so much to offer both residents and tourists, this is one place you should purpose to visit even if it’s once in your lifetime. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and the fifth-largest capital city in Australia. Due to this […]

man traveling with his dog

Factors to consider when traveling with your dog

March 5, 2023 Travel League 0

Leaving your dog behind when going for a vacation may seem quite unfair to the extent of shortening your trip just to go back and check on its well-being. No wonder most people like including their pets when vacationing. Sometimes, traveling with your dog may not be the most desirable option but the only option. For instance, if […]

Zaragoza cityscape panorama with the bridge Puente de Piedra and Cathedral Basilica del Pilar

Top reasons why Zaragoza is worth visiting

March 3, 2023 Travel League 0

Zaragoza is Spain’s fifth-largest city and the capital of the region of Aragon. Most times, Zaragoza is overlooked. In fact, it’s the most underrated city in the country. Unfortunately, it is not as popular as some of other Spain’s big cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, and Madrid. However, that doesn’t stop it from being a great tourist […]

Travelers are planning a trip by searching the route on the map

Planning your next trip with a travel advisor

March 1, 2023 Travel League 0

With so numerous options as to the place to travel, the place where to stay, and what to do when you get there, sorting through all the factors to consider when choosing a vacation can sometimes be complicated. That’s why National Plan for Vacation Day, celebrated on the last Tuesday in January and organized by the U.S. Travel […]

aircraft with passengers during the flight

How to cure the fear of flying

February 26, 2023 Travel League 0

Air travel can be a source of anxiety for many people, despite statistics showing that it is the safest mode of transportation. From the claustrophobia of the cabin to the underlying anxiety of being far away from home, there are many factors that contribute to a fear of flying. But there are some ways to overcome this fear […]