couple travellers

Is travelling good for mental health?

August 23, 2018 Travel League 0

Traffic jams, angry bosses, failed promotions, overdue projects and lots and lots of overtime work. Don’t you just wish you can drop everything, go to the nearest airport and pick the first travel destination right off the top of your head? Say, […]

athens greece hill

Top-rated tourist attractions in Greece

August 22, 2018 Travel League 0

Located in Southern Europe, Greece is known for its natural beauty and fascinating history with countless islands, sandy beaches, archaeological sites, and a balmy Mediterranean climate making Greece as one of Europe’s top tourist destinations. Acropolis, Athens Acropolis is considered the symbol […]

Plaça d'Espanya, Barcelona

Reasons to remember your travel to Spain forever

August 8, 2018 Travel League 0

Hola, adventurous travelers, are you planning the escapade of a lifetime to the breathtaking Mediterranean country of Spain? The mix of cultures that permeates every region, the rich history and the enthralling architectural wonders dotting the landscape and the honey-hued coastline overlooking […]