McGrigor obelisk in Duthie park, Aberdeen

Top attractions in Aberdeen, Scotland

November 30, 2022 Travel League 0

Aberdeen is a port city in northeast Scotland and the third most populous city in the country. The city is 150 km northeast of Edinburgh and 641 km north of London. This is actually the point where the Don and Dee rivers meet the North Sea. Aberdeen is a city that has earned itself the name ‘Granite City’ […]

solo traveler woman walk

Potential dangers of solo traveling

November 23, 2022 Travel League 0

Solo traveling is the in thing these days. This could be due to the excellent flexibility and the independence travelers get from the experience. But is it always an incredible and magical affair? Of course, the benefits of solo traveling cannot be underestimated. The freedom you get from solo travelling is on another level. No wonder most travel […]

sea canopy Qatar

7 incredible reasons to visit Qatar

November 19, 2022 Travel League 0

Qatar is a peninsular Arab country in the Persian Gulf. From a poor British protectorate, Qatar has been able to transform itself into one of the Middle East’s richest countries over the years. It may be one of the smallest nations around the Arabian Gulf but the adventure and luxury you get to experience here are on another […]

Temple of Hercules

New travel experiences compared to hundred years back

November 13, 2022 Travel League 0

We all can’t deny the fact that travel has drastically changed from one generation to the next. If you look back a hundred years back, a lot has changed from the way people travel now, why they travelled then and how they travelled. To learn more, read till the end. Means of transport In the past, a lot […]

Downtown San Antonio skyline

The best things to do in San Antonio

November 8, 2022 Travel League 0

Traveling to San Antonio soon? You’ll enjoy your time there, for sure. But before that, you deserve to know some things about this city, don’t you? Located at the headwaters of the San Antonio River about 80 miles southwest of Austin, San Antonio is famous for many things. It is home to some of the well-known historic sites […]