About us

We breath and live travel. We’re travel passionates who think the travel industry needs a league of its own, aiming at helping local travel and hospitality businesses and travel communities grow; connecting consumers with businesses, helping people find the professionals they need, when they need them. That’s how the Travel League was born.

How Travel League can help you?

If you’re a reader of our website – You will find plenty of useful information here; and not only on our website as we reference to lot of resources outside of this website. From curated content on travel experiences to our own blog posts on tips and travel tricks, from guest posts on various subjects to hotel and restaurant reviews and recommendations on service providers, you’ll find everything you need for your travel.

If you’re an active traveller – Send us photos from your trip and contribute to building one of the largest travel photo galleries online. Or challege yourself and describe your trip with your own words. Your story published on Travel League? Why not?

If you’re a blogger – Let us know about the travel blog posts you publish on your personal blog. We’d love to see them and to share them to our readers. You’ll get not only a link to your blog but readership and exposure, we love contributing to your personal growth.

If you’re a business in the travel and hospitality industry we can develop some projects together. From contributing to our website’s content to promoting your offers and special deals, from objectively reviewing your services to facilitating new business, we have plenty of ideas, challenge us! Don’t worry if you’re a self-employed, a group of local guided tours organizers, a boutique hotel, a small restaurant or travel agency, a well-known resort or a corporation, we market businesses of all types and sizes.

Write us today and share your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and recommendations with us.