Advantages you get when you travel by air

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There are numerous forms of transportation such as land and water but air travel remains popular due to the many advantages it offers to commuters.

Although the function of all modes of transport is to take us to the place we want, everyone has their preferred mode of transport. All of them have their pros and cons but we choose one or the other depending on our interests, affordability and availability.

Some people may argue that overland travel is more affordable but if you consider the higher gasoline costs and the reduced plane ticket prices, this assumption is slowly dying a natural death. Besides, it may be affordable to some extent, but its time consuming and a tiring experience particularly for long distances.

It’s the fastest

Among the various forms of transport available in the world, air travel is the fastest so far. Any time you have an emergency or an urgent need to reach a certain destination, the only means of transport that can favour your situation is travelling by air.

Air travel also comes in handy if you are traveling for a long distance. When you take a flight to your destination no matter how far it is, the distance will feel shorter. Air travel significantly reduces the distances which can entice you to travel far and wide. For instance, let’s say you are travelling across the country, a trip that would have taken you days if you were to travel by road, will only take you a day if you travel by air.

It’s adventurous

If you haven’t boarded a plane yet, you are missing so much fun. Other than reaching your destination within a short time, boarding a plane and travelling above the clouds can be so adventurous. There is just something special about boarding a plane particularly if this is not your everyday mode of transport. For that reason, if you can afford an air ticket next time you plan to take a vacation, by all means, take a flight. Other than the experience being more appealing, you’ll reach your destination faster regardless of the distance involved.


Flights are typically regarded as the most expensive modes of transport, but this is not the case actually. Although we can’t argue the fact that they can be damn expensive at times, the truth is, you can equally get a very affordable flight. It all depends on the distance to be covered, the airline in question and the timings among other circumstances. Even at that, if you are a budget traveler, you’ll definitely get an affordable flight.

Besides, if you compare the distance you’ll be covering, an economy seat won’t seem expensive. If you can spend a few hundred dollars to cross the planet, then that’s a fair deal. More so, if you were to use other means of transport you’ll consume a lot of time and as you know, time is money.

The ease

Wait a minute, experience at the airport and the check-in process is not always a pleasant experience. But beyond that short stressful moment, it’s difficult to deny the ease that comes with traveling by air. Boarding a plane qualifies you to reach your preferred destination in a matter of hours and sometimes, minutes.

This mode of transport is so straightforward that you may even take it for granted. But before you do, always remind yourself that it’s an incredible opportunity you have to travel the world without taking much of your time.

Ability to travel faraway

These days, traveling to faraway destinations has become more manageable. The quickest travel method has made it possible for travelers to travel to almost any part of the world with ease. So, when planning your next vacation or business trip, do so knowing you can travel to any destination on this planet within hours. You just need to book your flight tickets on time.

Meet interesting people

Taking to the skies can give you a very good chance to meet very interesting people. Celebrities, fashionistas, renounced business people, etc, all travel by air. You can meet very amazing people on the plane or at the waiting lounge. This is one place you can get your future employer or a business partner. Such encounters can have very rewarding effects on your future career. And even if you aren’t lucky to get either of these two, you can still be lucky to get a free ride from the airport or just someone to keep you company during the journey. So, be nice to your seatmate, you never know, they could be of great importance to you.

It is safer

If the mere thought of crushing with an aeroplane from up there is what has been hindering you from traveling by air, from today, just know that air travel is actually the safest means of transport you can ever have. While it’s true that plane crashes do occur, it is not as often as car accidents. Car accidents are so many and they are still used by the majority of the population.

A majority of people who can’t use a plane for the fear of crushing do so not because it’s the reality, but because they suffer from aerophobia. This is the fear of aeroplanes especially if you are not used to travelling in them.

Amazing discounts

Many travelers have the assumption that planes are for rich people but this isn’t true at all. Although some flight tickets can blow away your travel budget, you still can get super discounted tickets. You just need to be a little smarter, avoid traveling when everyone else is. No airline is willing to give a discount at that time. If a little sacrifice to fly either early in the morning or late at night just to get that discount won’t be too inconveniencing, then why not. Most airlines are willing to give a discount on unpopular timing to entice more travelers. You can take advantage of that and make a saving.

When should you consider air travel?

Air travel is a perfect option at all times. It’s faster, convenient, secure and adventurous just to mention a few. If you want to make your commuting time comfortable and memorable, then consider air travel as your number one mode of transport. In fact, the only time you should consider other forms of transportation such as trains or road-tripping should be when you want your commuting time to be part of your adventure. But if you just want to move from point A to point B, then a plane can do that faster, safer and with a lot of ease.

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