airport security check

67% of UK tourists fear ‘Robot’ security checks

October 7, 2017 Travel League 0

It’s one of the most important, albeit least enjoyable aspects of the holiday experience, but according to the Future of Travel survey commissioned by global travel deals publisher Travelzoo, 51% of UK tourists predict customer-facing security checks at airports and hotels will soon be in the hands of technology such as robots, artificial intelligence and data-processing machines. However, […]

live like a local

Travel and live like a local

October 7, 2017 Travel League 0

When we travel around on a holiday, we tend to enjoy it visiting the local tourist attractions, accommodating at trusted hotels and eating at recommended restaurants. But most of the times we don’t get those experiences of the city like the locals do. We are tourists or visitors who cannot feel the way a native would. But we […]