Awesome reasons to visit Cinque Terre

Vernazza in Italy, Cinque Terre

Are you thinking of a holiday, a getaway with your sweetheart, a trip with your loved ones or just a solo vacation to relax and have some good time? Cinque Terre could be your perfect destination. It is a charming and breathtaking coastal area of Italy. It is located in Italy’s northwestern region of Liguria. It comprises of five villages known as Vernazza, Corniglia, Monterosso al Mare, Riomaggiore and Manarola. Each of these villages amazingly hugging the cliffs above the Mediterranean have unique features to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Their extraordinary beauty is somehow a mystery when you first visit here. The area has been a popular tourist destination and many have loved their stay.

If you are still not convinced and haven’t considered this breathtaking spot for your next vacation, here are reasons why you should actually have it on your bucket list.

Ease of travel

Travelling to and around the Cinque Terre is super easy and affordable too. Although vehicles can only reach the five towns from the outside, trains and boats are majorly used to connect the villages. One of the easiest ways to connect Cinque Terre is to go to La Spezia using either a bus or a train. Once you reach here, you can then take a train to any of these towns. When using the train, it will take you about five minutes to go from one village to the next. Meaning you can tour the five villages within a day.

Another option to arrive here would be to go by sea. Ferries run from Portofino, Porto Venere and Genoa from Easter to September. If your finances allow you, you can as well make a glamorous entrance with a yacht. It is possible to hire a yacht from any of those ports around. While you can book a day tour and visit these five fishing villages, you won’t have done justice to this place. Consider at least four to five days instead. The duration would be enough to tour those fishing communities without hurry, interact with locals and enjoy a couple of half-day hikes.

It’s simply gorgeous

If there is one thing you will instantly discover when you visit Cinque Terre, is its magnificent beauty and mesmerizing views. In fact, no amount of words or the beautiful images you have come across on the internet can describe how pretty this place is. You need to visit it in-person to satisfy your quest. From a ridiculously amazing view of this coastal region at the high cliffs in Corniglia to enjoying a drink in the historic centre of Vernazza, this is one place you just can’t get enough of. The view of the buildings seeming like toppling down the rock ledges into the turquoise sea will fascinate you. Those pastel houses stacked on top of each other, a lush of the green mountain range and clear blue waters will make you feel like you are out of this world. Be sure to take enough photos as evidence of your unforgettable experience here. It’s pretty easy to get a camera-worthy viewpoint in any of the villages.

Best for hiking

If you love hiking, Cinque Terre is a perfect destination for you. Here, you will get a chance to do what you enjoy as you explore the sea, wonderful glimpses of coastal forests and terraced farms. There are dozens of walking trails here. This could be associated with the fact that for centuries, the only travel options between the five villages were the walking trails. If you have time, you can hike in any of those walking trails but be sure to check with the Cinque Terre National Park office before heading out. Most of the hiking trails have sections closed due to storm damage.

The food is delicious

The different delicacies served in these villages is enough to make you extend your holiday. If you haven’t had the best of fresh seafood, then this is where you should satisfy your hunger. One of the most common cuisine you will find in every menu is Anchovies. The delicacy has been the main staple since Roman times. The dish is prepared by marinating it in olive oil and lemon. It’s then battered and fried. The result? Delicious meal!

Please, don’t leave before having a bite of the pizza made here, it’s unlike any you have eaten before. And the pasta served with fresh tomatoes? You will even forget about going back home. Wrap it up with a great cocktail at a bar or restaurant near you. If you have a sweet tooth, pass by any of the many gelato cafes and shops and buy some delicious crepes.

It’s rich in history

Cinque Terre is proud to be among the few places that have preserved its natural and cultural heritage for centuries. Each of those five villages has a rich history to explore. For instance, there is a Gothic facade in Manarola and Corniglia, a centuries-old castle in Riomaggiore and the 13th-century church of San Lorenzo. All these remarkable places are great destinations if you want to learn more about Cinque Terre’s history as you enjoy the scenic views.

Cinque Terre as the best holiday vacation

There you have it. Awesome reasons to visit Cinque Terre right now. You need to consider this remarkable part of the Italian coastline as your next holiday destination. It has a lot to offer to both first-timers and come-backs. If you are wondering which place to go to on your next vacation, Cinque Terre is eagerly waiting for you. Many tourists have visited here just to feed their eager eyes with the glamorous views, why not you?

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