Awesome reasons to visit Monaco

port in monaco with luxury yachts

Monaco is a wonderful place. Apart from it being the second smallest country in the world, it has extravagant sights that amaze every traveller. It may be small, but it has fantastic reasons to choose it as your destination next time you plan for a vacation. To experience the best of this country, here are amazing things to do in Monaco and enjoy a memorable holiday whether alone or together with your loved ones.

Visit Larvotto beach

Monaco prides itself in being home to one of the trendiest beaches in the world. Larvotto beach is a perfect place to enjoy a breathtaking view of the water as you indulge in its beauty. The beach is divided into two sections, public and private. The public section is absolutely free and it has a great spot for a dip in the Mediterranean. You can also visit Marquet beach which is not far from Monaco’s most westerly edge. It’s a gorgeous place as well.

Cruise the coast

Dedicate a day to tour the coast and enjoy an incredible view of the glistening Mediterranean in almost every bend as you ride in a cool supercar. You will get to see jaw-dropping white water yacht bob in the sea for the rich and famous. The spectacular villas around the coast are worth a million words. How about the sea breeze blowing your hair as you enjoy the ride of a high-performance supercar? It will be an experience hard to forget.

Tour Oceanographic museum

This museum of marine sciences is a unique place to be. The museum and Aquarium were built in 1910 in the side of the mythical Rock of Monaco as a palace dedicated to science. This is where science and art combine to create an extraordinary collection of historical pieces and marine life. A mere glance at this spectacular building will amaze you. However, that cannot be enough to cure your curiosity. You need to get inside and see the aquarium situated in the basement. The aquarium holds more than 6000 specimens. It’s also home to the world’s first submarine and the copper balls used to discover ocean currents. So, if you want to know more about what the ocean holds, this is the place you should begin. Don’t forget to get on the top for awesome panoramas over the whole of Monaco.

Walk the country

Can you imagine yourself walking an entire country? This can only be possible in Monaco. Within the country’s mere 200 hectares, it’s possible to walk it from end-to-end within one day. The area is three miles long and a half-mile wide. Don’t worry, you will still have enough time to stop for a drink or lunch along the way.

The Grand Prix

Monaco is best known for its annual Grand Prix. The annual event usually held in May is a darling to racing fanatics and it’s arguably the most famous car race in the world. It is one of the main Formula 1 races held each year since the principality started in 1950. It’s a big event and preparations begin way before the month of May. It highlights Monaco’s affluent atmosphere and its worth your visit to this great country.

Visit three countries in a day

Monaco is a country full of special and rare opportunities. While in Monaco, imagine you can visit France and Italy in mere minutes? In fact, it’s a walking distance to France and a biking distance to Italy. Meaning, if you want to explore the three countries within a day, you are at liberty to do so without any constraints. Just do something incredible like having breakfast in Monaco, lunch in France and dinner in Italy.

Incredible delicacies

There are a ton of restaurants and eateries in Monaco serving different delicious cuisines. Don’t forget to taste Mediterranean-style gourmet cuisine. The dish will surely awaken your taste buds. In short, you will love it. Monaco is also home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. If you are looking for a destination to celebrate a special event, Monaco won’t disappoint you. The luxurious restaurants offer style, comfort and delicious meals. It is just an exquisite experience to dine here. Enough reason to book Monaco as your next destination.

Unique cycling routes

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable cycling experience, then Monaco is the place to be. The country has spectacular cycling areas. No wonder the Col de la Madone is used as a benchmark for many cyclists training. Cold de Braus is also another location with an impressive ascent section. Visit Monaco for a crazy cycling experience with your buddies and you will love the exposure.

The takeaway

As you have read, Monaco is a perfect destination for a vacation at any time. Plan your vacation or even a weekend getaway as soon as you can and enjoy all that Monaco has to offer. Besides, Monaco is inspiring to young travellers too. It has awesome sites to visit and fun activities you can engage the kids in. Thus, making it a perfect destination to family vacations.

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