Awesome tips for hiking in the rain

woman with a backpack in the autumn season walks along a path in the mountains on a rainy day

Whether you are hiking in the sun or rain, your main aim is to have fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest. While hiking in the sun may be considered easier because the weather is more accommodating, the same cannot be said about hiking in cold weather particularly when it’s heavily raining.

There is something unique about hiking in the rain though. The experience you get is not the same typical experience associated with hiking in warm months. While the feeling may be kind of strange, the fun bit is exceptional too.

Besides, if you are used to hiking in the sun, why not give hiking in the rain a chance for a new experience?

As long as you know what to expect and how to handle the situation, nothing should stop you from hiking in cold weather.

Why know how to hike in the rain?

Knowing how to hike in the rain is not only fun but a lifesaver as well. You see when you head out and begin your hike; a lot can happen along the way. The trip can take longer than you anticipated and force you to stay out longer. In the process, the weather changes, clouds gather and what was a sunny afternoon end up raining cats and dogs. What would you do in such a case? These are the unavoidable circumstances you should always be prepared for whenever you go hiking. A smart hiker should be prepared to hike in all weather conditions.

Furthermore, when you are out there, it’s good to appreciate the fact that the weather can change at any moment. It isn’t breaking news to wake up to a beautiful morning with a bright sky only for the weather to change within a few hours and it starts to fall heavily. So, what’s happens if you are already halfway to your hike? Whether you go back or proceed, the fact remains you’ll have to hike in the rain at some point. Leaving you with only one option; getting equipped to hiking in the rain.

Get ready to hike in the rain with these tips

Hiking in the rain can actually be lots of fun but it can come with a few challenges and in the worst-case scenario, threaten your safety. That’s why it’s good to know how to hike in bad weather even when you don’t have plans to hike in the rain. You never know what will transpire while you are out there.

So, to help you enjoy your outdoor adventures regardless of the weather condition, consider these tips.

Choose the trail wisely

Choosing a trail that’s friendly and safe even during the rainy season may not cross your mind if you are going to hike in the sun. However, if you are leaving your home to purposely hike in the rain, then why not choose a trail that’s accommodating? It will make your work a lot easier. Although most trails are well-maintained, there might be a few that may cause a challenge to navigate through. For such, leave them for warmer days. In fact, it would be best to choose a trail you know pretty well to avoid getting lost in the cold. It isn’t funny to miss a turn during a storm. That can put your life in danger.

Duration of the hike

The duration of the hike is especially crucial for beginner hikers who may not have the experience to hike during such extreme weather conditions. Hiking for days is incredible. It can help to create lifelong memories and even help take your hikes to a higher level. However, if this is your first time hiking in the rain, it would be best to choose a shorter distance. Choosing a short distance will help you experience this awesome adventure without straining yourself too much. Plus, it’ll be easier to carry all the necessary equipment you need to make you comfortable during such an adventure. After you become a pro, you can go ahead and increase the distances.

Dress appropriately

A good hiking experience has a lot to do with what you wear. When hiking in the rain, you need clothes that will help you remain dry and warm even when you get rained on. Don’t go for too heavy clothing though, even if it’s cold, you don’t need clothes that will make you sweaty.

The most recommended outfits include:

Waterproof, breathable rain jacket

If you are going to get out during the rainy season, then you have to invest in a high-quality rain jacket. The jackets come in different designs depending on the technologies behind their making and choosing the right one can be an uphill task. Over the same, if you can have one with the necessary technical features, it’ll be enough to enhance your hiking experience. The jacket should be well-fitting. If it’s too tight it’ll limit you from layering underneath and if it’s too loose, it may make your trip uncomfortable due to the excess material you’ll have to carry.

Lightweight waterproof hiking pants

When it comes to hiking pants, the idea is not to get water-resistant pants but rather something comfortable, breathable and waterproof. Another important trait you may consider when buying your hiking pants is a zipper at the bottom. With a zipper, you won’t have to remove the shoes when wearing or removing the trouser.

Waterproof hiking shoes

Waterproof hiking boots are a game-changer in the hiking world. If you are going to hike in the rain, then you have to invest in a good pair of waterproof hiking shoes. Turning back because your feet are soggy can be so discouraging and a major turn down.


You’ll also need gaiters because when hiking in the rain, it’s obvious you’ll have to walk through mud. So, gaiters will protect your feet from mud and water splashing your shoes beneath the pants. With so many types of gaiters available in the market, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a pair that suits your preference.

Trekking pole

If you want to enjoy your hike during the rainy season, then don’t leave your trekking pole. Trekking poles are super helpful when hiking in the rain. Remember you can easily fall when the ground is wet because is slippery. The trekking poles will help maintain your balance on the trail.

Enjoy hiking in the rain

Even though you may stick to hiking during the warmer months, it is also important to know how to hike even during the rain. Mother Nature doesn’t usually align with our daily plans. It’s upon you to prepare for any eventuality. Thus, if you ever found yourself hiking in the rain, you now have what it takes to make the experience fun. At the end of the day, with the right mindset, educative information and appropriate gear, you have what it takes to enjoy yourself to the fullest even during the wettest days.

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