Benefits of van camping

camping van retro volkswagen

In recent times, the camper van or what’s popularly referred to as van life has become quite popular. No wonder many folks are retrofitting old vans and transforming them into campers.

In fact, it would be ideal to consider van camping instead of staying in a hotel particularly when you are vacationing as a family.

The benefits of van camping don’t end there. Here are plenty more advantages that will inspire you to consider van camping the next time you plan to go on a vacation.

It’s more secure

Although tent camping is safe, van camping is safer considering you are able to lock the doors when inside. Even when the wildlife pace around the van, you can comfortably sleep because you know you are in a secure place. So, if the idea of tent camping has been giving you goosebumps, then van camping would be a better choice. You’ll still enjoy the benefits of camping but this time around, your safety will be a sure bet.

Freedom to park anywhere

Van camping gives you the freedom you can’t get if you are driving a long motorhome or a detachable trailer. The van is much smaller and you can park it pretty anywhere. Plus reaching your destination is not usually a problem.

If you come across a scenic view along the way, you have the freedom to park your van at the roadside and explore the place. Meaning, your journey will be more fulfilled because, by the time you are getting back home, you’ll have explored every destination.

A van is more interesting if you like your journey to be part of your adventure. Unlike when you are travelling on a public bus or train, when van camping, you can comfortably enjoy every bit of your trip. If you see something interesting, you don’t just look as you pass not unless that’s what you really want to do. With a van, you’ll park and explore the area to your satisfaction.

Make your own food

While eating out is amazing, it can quickly lose its appeal if it’s the only option you have. Besides, if you are conscious about healthy eating, restaurant food may not be your number one choice. And of course, you can’t compare the nutritional value and hygiene level of restaurant food. Being able to fix something to eat while on the go is a bonus.

You don’t have to get frustrated because it’s nearly impossible to get a delicious meal in a restaurant when you are a vegan when you can comfortably cook your own meals in the comfort of your van. Same case when you or your travel partners have food restrictions. More so, when you indulge in foods you are familiar with, you get to be full and satisfied most of the time. Whether it’s a mini kitchen or a camp stove, cooking in your van miles away from home can be lots of fun and nutritious too.

If you are hesitant about cooking in the van probably because you have limited space, make smart purchasing your goal. Instead of buying everything you think you’ll be using during the entire trip, how about you buy the items in bits? Buy what you’ll be using at that particular time, then, you’ll restock in the next towns. Also, keep your meals simple. Those complicated recipes can wait till you get back home. Just cook with simple ingredients. When you are out there enjoying nature, even a simple meal can turn out to be very tasty.

It’s more convenient

Compared to other forms of trips, van camping is way more convenient. For instance, consider this scenario; you’ve spotted an incredible destination in a remote area, the nearest hotel is miles away. In that, com case, commuting will not only be inconvenient but will also be a costly affair. But when you choose to go van camping, without a doubt, you’ll forget all this stress. You’ll be at liberty to stay anywhere your heart desires.

Other than being at the place you want to be without putting yourself in the commuting hustles, van camping enables you to stay with your baggage everywhere you go. You don’t have to worry about getting back to the hotel room if you want a change of clothes or you happened to forget an important document when heading out. Everything you packed for the trip is right there with you.

You can bring your pet

If you have a pet, then you know how terrible it feels to leave your companion home lonely while you are going out there to have fun. Travelling with your pet when using public means is trouble not to mention how difficult it can be to get a pet-friendly hotel. But when it comes to van camping, forget the agony of saying goodbye to those sad puppy eyes. Bring your furry friend along and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

However, even as you bring your pet along, it’s good to ensure your four-legged travel buddy is enjoying the trip as well. If your pet is not into road-tripping, avoid taking a long journey immediately. Instead, consider short rides to help your pet get used to so that when you finally take a longer trip, your pet will still be comfortable. Also, don’t be too selfish not to alter your plans for the sake of your pet’s safety. After all, your pet is your travel partner and deserves to enjoy your trip as much as you do.

You travel with your home comforts

It doesn’t matter whether you are an adventurous soul who doesn’t give a damn about home comforts, when you are out there, it’s always nice knowing that the comforts of home are within reach. Even if you aren’t going to use all of them, the fact that you can use them any moment you find the need can give you a lot of peace.

Sure, not every item in your home will fit in the van. Again, you can’t bring everything you own but at least, you can bring your home comforts such as that comfortable pillow, those nice warm bed sheets or even your favourite coffee mug. Just anything that will make your trip more comfortable and convenient.

Van camping is the trendiest traveling deal

Van camping is indeed an awesome adventure. It is one of the best outdoor adventures that will give you rewarding memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Apart from the freedom you get to explore various destinations, you are also not very restricted on what to pack and what to leave behind. This is especially paramount to travellers bringing a number of outdoor activities gear or parents travelling with their children. So, if you want to enjoy your next vacation right from the time you leave home to the time you come back, choose van camping. It’s ideal for any traveller who wants to enjoy nature and have fun traveling.
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