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If you are thinking of a safe way to spend your summer vacation with your kids this year, boating is one of the best recommendations for you. A boating vacation on your own boat is going to be the best experience to ensure your kid’s safety, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

For a first-time boater, you must know the best destinations you can consider for a trip that has a user-friendly environment. For travelers with kids, it is best to choose a place where you know that you and the kids will enjoy while not worrying about safety. Here are our top kid-friendly destinations you would want to check out before you go on your trip.

Block Island

The Block island in Rhode Island is the top kid-friendly boating destination for families with kids. The beaches at Block Island are wide open and are perfect for families with young children. You can enjoy many activities with your kids such as hanging out at the seashore and biking, both of which are favorite activities in the area.

When you choose to visit Block Island, make sure to experience the Southeast Lighthouse and go all the way up the staircase to see the island’s captivating view from atop this old-fashioned lighthouse.

Speaking of lighthouses, another must-visit place in Block Island is the North Lighthouse to enjoy the sunset that you can see through the soft beach along with this remote lighthouse. There are also so many souvenir shops that you can check out and toy shops that your kids will surely love.

Aside from going to the beach, you can also go and let your children mingle with different animals at the Abram’s Animal and Petting Zoo. The Block Island is accessible by boat via the Block Island Boat Basin or the Chaplin’s Marina.

Cape May

Cape May in New Jersey has a lot of things to offer to you and your kids. Besides hitting the water parks, you can also enjoy fishing, paddle boarding, renting a bike, or playing mini-golf. However, the activity that your little buddies will surely enjoy is dolphin and whale watching, ocean or bridging exploration, and other activities offered by the Nature Center of Cape May.

Every summer, the Nature Center provides a weekly program for the kids, including the mentioned activities. The program is made for kids, which is why you can ensure that they will enjoy it, and it is certainly safe for children.

The list of the activities you can do at Cape May is endless, and it is not possible to mention them all one-by-one in this article. When you choose to visit Cape May this summer vacation, you can do a little research of all the things you can do during your stay. Cape May is accessible via South Jersey Marina and Canyon Club Resort Marina.

Bahamas Paradise Island

When you want a family getaway boating destination where your kids won’t be bored, you have to consider checking out Paradise Island in the Bahamas. First, it is in the Bahamas, what could you possibly not like about it. It is one of the most popular summer destinations with top-rated tourist attractions.

Second, Paradise Island offers your kids a 141-acre Aquaventure Waterpark that is full of water slides, rapids, river rides, tunnels, and many more. These are only some of the activities that you can enjoy with your kids in the Bahamas. There are still a lot of choices you can opt for.

A day will not be enough for you to be able to experience everything Paradise Island can offer. You can also try awesome things like snorkeling at the mythical man-made ruins alongside different tropical fish species. A day interacting with the dolphins and sea lions is also an exciting idea in spending your day at Paradise Island.

You and your kids will surely have a great time if you spend it at Paradise Island in the Bahamas. You can enjoy a great family boat ride and dock at Marina at Atlantis to have access to Paradise Island from your destination.

San Diego

In California, another great family-oriented boating destination can be accessed by docking at the Sunroad Resort Marina. Aside from the enjoyable boat trip, you get to spend with your kids on your private vessel. They can also explore the Maritime Museum of San Diego and the USS Midway Museum that features collections and exhibits of restored aircraft and vintage warships.

It can be a mix of adventure, nature, and historic trips that your kids will experience as San Diego also offers wildlife adventures with their world-famous Zoo and Safari Park. The kids can enjoy the wildlife trip and learn about animals at the same time.

Duck Key

Duck Key is an islet that is located along with the Florida Keys. When visiting the Duck Key, you can also have the chance to visit other keys near the islet. Among the keys in Florida, the Duck Key is the one that is more suitable for family vacations.

The islet consists of luxury resorts where you can unwind and spend time with family. There are so many water activities you can engage in when you are at the Duck Keys, such as kiteboarding, jet ski, kayak, and paddleboarding.

You can also go snorkeling and diving to get up close to the key’s most precious possession, the live coral reefs. It will be a great sight that is new to you and the kids. You can dock your boat at Hawks Cay Marina and start your vacation at this great destination.

Aren’t these destinations exciting and promising? Then it is time to decide whether you are going for a boat trip this summer along with your kids and visit one or two of the destinations mentioned above.

Some boats are available for rentals which would be one of your options. However, if you plan to make boating trips a regular activity in your family, then a boat loan can help you on your purchase. There are many good credit boat loans available that you can avail.

Final Thoughts

You still have a few months to start planning your unforgettable family summer boating trip. It is recommended to start planning as early as this month to still have more time for preparations and adjustments. It’s been a long and stressful year, and your last summer might have been spent at home due to the pandemic. While the restrictions have been more gentle, you must take this opportunity to enjoy and distress along with your kids.
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