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Travelling around different countries, cities, and places around the world don’t just take a leap of faith. It also requires us to be familiar with the histories, cultures, and traditions of the destinations that we’re planning to visit. Having said that, we need to thoroughly research all kinds of information that we could expect before, during, and after our travel vacation to make our experiences worthwhile, memorable, and enjoyable.

If you’re looking for the best tips for your upcoming travels, then read on as we will be providing a useful guide to make your trip a hassle and stress-free one.

1. Plan but Be Spontaneous

Although it is advisable and ideal to plan and sort things out, forgetting how to be spontaneous would make your travel not as exciting and fun as you could imagine. Being easy-going means that you’re willing to enjoy and splurge yourself without thinking too much about the to-do and where to go checklists. Because sometimes, the best experience when travelling comes when you least expect it.

2. Have Some Spare Passport Photos

It would not hurt if you’d have some extra passport photos during your travels, especially if you’re going to countries that would require multiple passport photo sizes. Bringing spare photos would save your time and effort to feel the hassle going onto the nearest photo booth.

3. Pack Light

Travelling in our dream destinations could make us nervous and excited at the same time. With this, we could have a tendency to literally put all of our things on our carry-ons and bags. Did you know that carrying too much or heavy items could ruin our every chance to make our trip as light-hearted and pleasant as possible? Packing light doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to sacrifice our necessities and fashionable clothes. It should mean that we’re smart enough to reduce the number of items that we put into our bags. As most travellers would say: Pack only the essentials for the trip!

4. Put Your Electronic Gadgets, Medicines, and Basic Necessities in Your Carry-On

You should be able to put your important things inside your carry-on. Aside from your travel documents and passports, you could also put your electronic gadgets like cameras, mobile phones, and power banks. Saving some space for your basic necessities like toothbrush, hand sanitizers, and facial tissues could also save your time in finding them on your other bags. Bringing your medicines in your carry-on would also be a smart move as you’ll never know when your headache, fever, or allergies could occur during your travel.

5. Learn Basic Local Phrases and Words

The language barrier is the most common scenario that usually occurs on travellers and local people. To avoid this, you could at least learn the basic phrases or words of your destination. For instance, if you’re travelling to China, knowing how to say “good morning”, “thank you”, and “sorry” could save you from any troubles if you happen to get lost. Also, locals could find it amusing that you’re learning their language which could make them happy in helping you out.

6. Bring Some Extra Cash and Bank Cards

As possible, we don’t want anything unpleasant to happen during our trip but we don’t know what could happen along the way. The best way to handle some unexpected scenarios, like getting robbed, is to prepare and plan precautionary measures. If you’re planning to visit some places where safety couldn’t be a 100% guarantee, what you could do is to put your money to different spots of your bags and pockets. You should also bring spare cash and bank cards just in case you either run out of money or have your budget snatched away from you.

7. Bring Photocopies of Important Travel Documents

Another lifesaver tip that you should do to have a hassle-free travel experience is to secure photocopies of your important travel documents. This might include your passport, visas, flight and accommodation details, ids, etc. You can get the best flight offers and scan these important documents and send them to your email address making sure that you have proof to show if in case any of those papers got stolen.

8. Wear Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

At the end of your trip, you don’t want to have blisters or aching feet due to the shoes that you’ve chosen to wear. As much as possible, try to wear comfortable shoes, like sneakers or sandals, to fully enjoy your trip. This also applies when you’re deciding which clothes to put on during the tours and activities you want to try.

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