prague old city castle

Top 10 things to see in Prague

June 16, 2019 Travel League 0

If you have visited Prague before, you will know it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Ranked the fifth most visited city in Europe in 2016, Prague has become something of a tourist attraction ensuring that millions of people from different parts of the world meet in one of the most hospitable cities in […]

bucharest travel

3 compelling reasons to visit Bucharest

June 11, 2019 Travel League 0

It’s becoming an increasing trend that tourists from all sides of the globe are fascinated by the ex-communist Eastern European block. For many years, countries that were once isolated from the eyes of the foreigners have been diligent to re-create a positive image. Once the iron curtain fell and all the stereotypes started to vanish, an explosion of […]

morbihan france

Best reasons to visit Morbihan, France

May 23, 2019 Travel League 0

Venice might be the lover’s paradise, but France is still the most visited holiday destination in the world. Millions of people visit the country for its picturesque beaches, mountains, pristine oceans, historic architecture, and so much more. France is a destination that doesn’t disappoint, no matter the type of traveler you are. It has something for everyone – […]

seattle washington postcard

11 best places to travel in the US

May 1, 2019 Travel League 0

No matter what type of getaway you’re craving, there’s something waiting for you within the boundaries of the U.S. While it’s a noble goal to set your sights on hitting every major city, landmark and notable point of interest the US offers up during a single lifetime, a more manageable start is always a good way to go. […]

south padre island

10 fun family adventures in South Padre, TX

May 1, 2019 Travel League 0

South Padre, TX is a popular travel destination for people of all ages. The beach setting and warm temperatures are a treat for those seeking fun in the sun. For families, there are tons of events and activities in South Padre that everyone will enjoy. Here are a few to consider for your trip to South Padre. 1. […]