Camping in the Mountains of Patagonia

mountains in patagonia

When I was planning my trip to the Patagonia region of Argentina, I knew I wanted to explore the outdoors as much as possible. I had an opportunity to go hiking in the mountains near El Chaltén and camp there overnight, so I took it. Camping in Patagonia seemed like the ultimate way to experience the area.

Our group met the morning of with nervous excitement. We all loved being outdoors, but the weather was predicted to rain the entire time. Based on how windy it was the night before in El Chaltén, I could only imagine how windy it would be camping at night.

We made sure everyone had the correct supplies and grabbed our food for lunches and snacks. After a quick briefing on where we’d be hiking for the next few days, we grabbed our backpacks and set off.

As predicted, I felt raindrops on my face as soon as I got on the trail. I wasn’t too concerned since my jacket and pants were waterproof and I had a cover for my backpack. My main concern was feeling the muscles in my calves and ankles protest as I started to walk, as they were sore from the previous days of non-stop hiking.

We hiked for several miles and had views of one of the glaciers peaking through the trees. It was a magnificent sight to see so much ice between the mountains. There were also different mountains everywhere you looked.

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