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Can Picafort (or Ca’n Picafort) is a tourist resort on the shores of Bay of Alcudia and is situated a bit south from Port d’Alcudia, the main town in the area.

Can Picafort has a history that goes way back to the time of the Bronze Age settlements. The now multi-purpose built tourist resort was once a small fishing village remnants, which cannot be seen today.

The resort is immensely popular with tourists coming from all around the world, especially Europe. In fact, there have been so many Irish and British visitors in the past few years that they’ve even set up bars there, which are specifically targeted at them.

Situated on the north of Mallorca island, Can Picafort is a one-hour drive from the Palma airport in the south-west of the island.

The atmosphere of Can Picafort is extremely lively, especially during the summers due to its geographical location, which gives it access to many beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean Sea, and of course, its excellent weather all year round.

The marina was once where the fishing boats were hosted and can now be seen brimming with private luxury yachts which you can rent in order to enjoy a boat trip.

Aside from that, you can engage yourself in a number of watersports such as paddle boarding, jet skiing, parasailing, and canoeing, along with many other as well.

When it comes to the population, together with Son Serra de Marina, over 11,600 people live here, with the majority of them living in Can Picafort.

During the summer season, however, the number is far exceeded greatly due to the number of tourists coming in from different parts of the world.

There are also a number of beaches on the east side of the resort, right next to the Son Baulo hotel which are considered as one of the best on the resort due to their fine light sand and the fact that they are backed by a small nature reserve.

There is also a stagnant lake, which is the end of a watercourse that doesn’t penetrate the beach. The main beach, however, on the resort is the largest one and is located on the west side of the marina and connects to the Playa de Muro beach.

The resort is also very popular with families with children since it offers them all of the ingredients that they would need to have a relaxing beach holiday.

There are a large number of hotels and holiday apartments situated right in the middle of, and near the beach and due to this amazing infrastructure planning, you really aren’t that dependent on methods of transport such as cars or taxis nor do you have to take long walks just to get from one place to another.

And if you want to try something out of the ordinary on your resort holiday, you can always rent a bicycle or go on foot to explore the coast from the harbor with excursion boats and reach great attractions in the surrounding area.

Such as the northern nature reserve of Albufera which hosts an amazing landscape with rare plants and birds is like an excursion.

While if you go to the south, you can get the change to go on extensive hikes or you can check out the pre-Christian Talayotic tombs and…

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