A guide to common RV problems and how to solve them

rv problems

So you have finally found an RV dealer that can make your dream of owning a motorhome come true. You have just unlocked your chances of participating in another road adventure while enjoying the comfort and luxury of your own home.

The best part is you can feel comfortable regardless of the destination you want to explore because your motorhome has all the facilities and amenities you need to ensure a comfortable stay.

However, when you are on the road for more than a couple of days, being faced with RV issues is inevitable.

While technology has done an amazing job in creating a vehicle that does more than just taking you to your desired destination, it is not immune to problems.

RV repair and maintenance are not affordable, especially if it is a major problem. If you want to foot the cost of simple repairs, knowing how to fix simple RV problems is your best bet.

Since solutions are now at your fingers tips, thanks to the Internet, you will no longer find yourself facing a huge problem because you can always turn to YouTube for some step by step guides to RV repair and maintenance.

Learning how to fix simple RV problems yourself will save you money and make your camping trips more enjoyable. Here are the common RV problems and their solutions:

Issues with RV’s electrical system

If you are not comfortable handling electrical issues, you can hire professionals to fix the problem for you instead. However, not all electrical issues come with risks.

There are simple electrical problems that you can fix yourself without running the risk of causing harm to yourself or to your rig. Minor electrical problems such as fixing push buttons or switches require basic knowledge.

Leaky RV Roof

Roof leakage and water leaks are inevitable and even if you have a modern motorhome, it is still not impervious to harsh elements.

Water damage doesn’t only stain your interior but also cause your metal fixtures to rust. Water also damages your delicate moving parts, which may result in short-circuiting your internal electrical system.

You can minimize the chances of leaks by considering preventative maintenance. Store your RV under a UV-resistant, waterproof cover. An indoor storage facility…

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