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Santorini island, Greece, is a fascinating place to be. If it’s not already on your list of places to visit, dear traveller, you are losing a lot. Apart from its breathtaking caldera scenery and world-famous sunsets, there are many amazing features that make Santorini a perfect holiday destination for solo travellers, lovers, family members, a group of friends, photographers, filmmakers and anyone who want to have a good time.

The island has unique historic sites and a range of memorable activities for its visitors. Therefore, if you haven’t considered Santorini during your next visit to Greece, here are awesome reasons why you should give this beautiful Cycladic island the attention it deserves.

Gorgeous views

Have you ever dreamt of waking up to beautiful surroundings? Then Santorini can make your dreams come true. From the glittering waters, domed rooftops to iconic architecture, your visit here will definitely be unforgettable. The island is best known for its volcanic beaches and ancient vineyards. It is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Every time you think of Greece, think Santorini.

Magical sunset

Santorini is truly famous for its magical sunsets. No wonder most travellers remember Santorini for its adorable sunsets. If you want to have a breathtaking view of the sunset and an epic snapshot angle, avoid scheduling your visit during peak season which is usually in July and August. It can get pretty hectic and extremely hard to navigate the narrow lanes. During any other time, get some mesmerizing views of the sunset and the sea by heading to the Caldera in Oia or the various windmills. You will surely remember that sunset experience for years to come.

Welcoming locals

When visiting Santorini even for the first time, you don’t have to worry about any kind of hostility. The people of Santorini are friendly and welcoming. While this could be attributed to tourism being their main source of income, their heartfelt nicety will make you feel at home. Besides, most locals speak English pretty well which means you won’t have to worry about the language barrier.

Mouthwatering delicacies

Greek food is just delicious. Most of their traditional food consist of cold dishes. If you want to experience sea-inspired living, visit Santorini. You will have a great opportunity to indulge in seafood such as cuttlefish and calamari which are locally fished. Don’t worry if you are a vegan, they also serve plenty of tomato, olives and vine wrapped leaves dishes. For an ultimate fine dining experience, visit the Red Bicycle Restaurant. The restaurant has a taster menu full of experimental dishes based on Greece traditional dishes. This means you will eventually be served the meal of your desire.

As for drinks, Santorini wine is award-wining. During your visit, dedicate some time to visit a vineyard and do some wine tasting. While Santo is the first choice for most tourists due to its stunning views, there are also other smaller vineyards worth your attention. Don’t forget to carry a bottle or two on your way back home. You need to show your loved ones what you’ve been up to.

Incredible weather

If you are searching for some beautiful place with sunny days and little rain, Santorini island is your perfect destination. Visit Santorini now and enjoy such relaxing weather. Here, you will come across very sunny spots to enjoy your sun without a care in the world. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about dealing with cold nights or mornings. The temperature hardly drops too low and the snow is a rare occurrence. To enjoy the best weather, plan your vacation in the months of May, September or October. You will love the island even more.

Serene Beaches

Santorini is famous for its beautiful beaches. A visit to the beach and a cold drink delivered straight to your sunbed can be so relaxing. It’s in Santorini where you will get to see black sand beaches. Plus swim in crystal clear water and rest under the cool shades of palm trees. The most popular black sand beaches are Perissa and Kamari. The beaches provide a perfect place to anyone who wants to rest, unwind and go back home rejuvenated.


If you are thinking of a destination you can escape with the love of your life, look no further, Santorini, Greece is the place to be. Otherwise, which couple wouldn’t enjoy those beautiful sunsets, delicious food and the fascinating landscapes? Rekindle your love life with a visit to this mesmerizing island. You can even plan to have your wedding or honeymoon here. The island is perfect for your photography and the memories will last for years to come. With nothing to regret about, you can be sure you will leave this island with plans to visit again.

Water sport

Is getting into the water sound like a great vacation to you? Then Santorini won’t disappoint you. You are at liberty to enjoy several water sports such as waterskiing wind-kiting, banana boating and diving in the Perissa and Kamari beaches. The beaches are also surrounded by restaurants, providing a cool place to those who just want to watch the water sports and sunbathe.

Final thought

Santorini is just an amazing place to be. The scenic views and all its amazing features could make one love to live here forever. If you ever want to have lots of fun, surprise your significant other with a romantic getaway or organize for a family holiday, give Santorini island the first priority. You will be overjoyed to have made the decision.

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