Everything you need to know when traveling by train

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Apart from train travel being the most environmentally friendly mode of transport in the world, it also offers a unique adventure worth your time.

Why use a train?

While there are numerous mode of transport around the world, travelling by train continues to stand out among the rest for various reasons. No wonder its popularity continues to rise even after it being one of the oldest modes of transport. If you are looking for solid reasons to take a train during your next trip, here they are.

1. Save money

Train travel is definitely the first choice for any budget-conscious traveller. If you are a frequent traveller, then you may have noted the dramatic fare differences between a plane and a train. Meaning, if you want to save money during your trip, the best option would be to travel by train. Apart from pocket-friendly fares, most rail operators offer discounts to students, children, military personnel and senior citizens among other key demographics. This makes them a perfect choice for large families travelling together on a budget.

2. Stable fare charges

Train fares don’t fluctuate much and when they do, the gap is too small you may not even notice the difference. You don’t have to strive to pay in advance to get the best deal. Whether you’ve booked your trip two months before, a day to, a weekday or a weekend, the fares tend to be the same. Although the fares may slightly rise especially during peak times or over the holidays, you can still count on the stability of train fares.

3. A scenic ride

Travelling by train can give you a special opportunity to explore the world. Unlike flights that have nothing to show on the airline, when you travel by train, you will get to view some great scenery along the way. The journey may be long but you won’t realize that because your eyes will be occupied for the better part of your journey.

Besides, train rides are just charming and refreshing especially if you are traveling for a long distance. You won’t only enjoy full-service meals but you will also get a chance to read your books, play cards or just relax as you enjoy incredible scenery through the window.

4. More luggage

If you are used to flying, then you know how hectic it can be to pack light particularly when you have certain gears you must bring along. More so, even when you pack light, the airline will still charge you a fee to check the bags. Some airlines are even charging for carry-on luggage as well. If you compare such crazy policies with the trains’ luggage allowance, you will have more than one reasons to travel by train.

5. Convenient

You don’t need hours to board your train. You can just arrive 30 minutes to departure and walk straight to your platform without dealing with a long security line like it’s usually the case when travelling with a flight. So, if you are tired of rationing out your liquids or taking off your shoes for inspection, then welcome to the world of train travel. With a train, you won’t have to worry about the check-in process whenever you think about taking a trip.

6. Comfortable

Traveling via train can be a vacation in itself. Not unless you are travelling on a very old train, the modern trains have amenities such as comfortable seats and more legroom just to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your trip. Therefore, instead of striving to pay the ever-rising flight tickets only to cram yourself in those shrinking economy seats, why not travel by train? You will save money and enjoy an incredible trip.

Best train tips

With all these advantages, then you surely want to experience a train trip. In that regard, make use of these tips.

Pack snacks

Although trains serve meals, some don’t. They could also be serving the meals but they happen not to be your favourite. That’s why it’s advisable to pack your own healthy snacks. You can also get a small cooler and fill it with food that’s easy to pack such as sandwiches. Purpose to bring extra in case of a breakdown or a delay. Alternatively, allocate money to buy snacks at long stops. Remember if you are hungry or thirsty, there is nothing good you are going to see no matter how amazing the journey is.

Plan your wardrobe wisely

There are various ways you can help create a memorable experience for yourself. Of course, you can’t enjoy your journey if what you are wearing is uncomfortable. All your attention will go to when you’ll arrive at your destination instead of enjoying the moments. If you are travelling for a long distance, then wear soft roomy clothes and pack your tight jeans for another day. Also, bring along a sweater or a jacket and a small blanket just in case the train gets cold.

Be safe

When traveling via train on long distances, practice safety. Ensure you secure your large bags with zipper locks and lock them in the luggage rack. Invest in a good-quality small bag to keep your valuables such as passport, money and electronics. You are more vulnerable when sleeping. Hence, if you can get one that is comfortable to sleep with even when the straps are fastened, it can serve you better. If you are travelling in riskier areas, consider using a money belt under your clothes. If you are a lady travelling alone, avoid staying in an empty compartment because you become an easy target. Instead, look for another solo traveler or a family.

Enjoy a meal in the dining car

Make it your business to have a meal in the dining car at least one. Otherwise, why would you not and this is not something you do every day? As you rock back and forth in the train car, the meals here seems to be tastier. For the best experience, make a meal reservation beforehand. They usually offer breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the trip. Plan ahead of time and enjoy your meals in this unique restaurant.

Travel by train for an unforgettable experience

Train travel is special and unique in its own way. If you are a travel enthusiast and haven’t used a train yet, then you are missing lots of fun. Many travellers avoid using a train because of time but interestingly, these days, trains have greatly improved their services and most of them are fast and frequent unlike in the past when people would wait for hours to reach to their destinations.

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