Fascinating facts about certain travel destinations around the world

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The world is a wonderful place with so many beautiful spots to explore.

The reasons why people travel the world differ. Some travel to see new places, experience different cultures, try out new delicacies or simply have a good time away from home. Regardless of why you choose to pack your bags and head out, travelling is a great outdoor adventure.

There is no better way to explore this planet than through travelling. It is only through travelling you get an opportunity to know what lies beyond your locality. It doesn’t matter the years you’ve lived in this world, the things to do and places to visit in this world will always be there.

Thus, let’s dig into it!

Here are amazing facts about incredible destinations you should purpose to visit and explore.

India is the second most populated country

If crowds don’t disturb you, then India is your perfect destination. With a population estimated at 1.35 billion people, India tops as the second most populated country in the world behind China. And as the population continues to rise, the country is predicted to surpass China by the year 2024. Apart from it being over-populated, the resources are quite limited. To describe the seriousness further, the country has over 16 per cent of the world’s population with only 2.4 per cent of the world area.

But even at that, India is a great destination worth your visit and while in there, you can learn a lot about their culture and religious beliefs. If you plan to visit India, be sure to consult a legit travel agency to do your bookings and other travel arrangements. You surely don’t want to get stranded in such a populated destination. Since there is so much to see and do, plan your do-to list in advance to avoid getting overwhelmed when you are already at the destination.

The country without a river

If you grew up seeing rivers in your locality, don’t be too naïve to assume that’s the case in other countries around the world. Interestingly, some countries don’t have rivers and even though they are several of them, Saudi Arabia is the largest amongst them all.

Saudi Arabia, a country in the Arabian Peninsula, is one of those countries in the world which don’t have a single river flowing through it. Despite it being the largest country in the Middle East, the country doesn’t have the privilege of owning a permanent river. So, as its occupants travel to other destinations to see rivers flowing, make a point to visit Saudi Arabia and find out how they manage without such a crucial water source.

Ethiopia has its own calendar

Ethiopia is quite a popular destination in Africa. Other than it being a beautiful destination, there is something special about this country’s calendar. The country adheres to a 13-months calendar that begins in September and runs 7 to 8 years behind the commonly used Gregorian version. The country’s New Year falls on September, 11 or September 12 during the leap year. Hence, when you visit Ethiopia, don’t be surprised by their dates.

The difference won’t affect your stay. You can go ahead and enjoy various attraction sites and take as many photos as you can. Their calendar could be 7 to 8 years behind but that doesn’t mean the country is behind. You’ll be surprised how developed the country is. Surprisingly, the country in terms of development is doing better than most African countries using the Gregorian calendar.

Which country has the longest country name?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is the longest recognized country name in the world. This could be the main reason why people have stuck to its shorter version with most people recognizing it as the UK.

Made up of Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales, the United Kingdom is an island nation in northwestern. Other than it owning the longest name in the world, there is so much this country prides itself in. The UK is never left behind in matters regarding tourism as its home to many top tourist destinations. This is one country you are guaranteed to see breathtaking views and iconic landmarks. There are also serene gardens where you can relax as you enjoy your stay.

What about the most visited country?

France remains the most popular destination among tourists around the world. With a whopping 82 million travellers flocking the country each year, it is indeed a travellers’ hub. The beauty of France, from its fascinating landmarks and interesting history, makes it one of the most touristic countries in the world.

While there are many attractions in France, Eiffel Tower remains to be the most popular. It’s difficult for a tourist to visit France and fail to visit Eiffel Tower, particularly first-timers. Since its opening in 1889, the tower has welcomed more than 300 million people and continues to welcome at least seven million visitors each year.

Location of the largest cemetery in the world

A visit to Paris, France can give you an opportunity to see the world’s largest underground cemetery in the world. The catacomb of Paris holds the remains of more than six million people in a tiny part of a tunnel network built to consolidate Paris’ ancient stone quarries.

When the springs of 1780 heavy rains wrecked a burial mound at Les Innocents cemetery, a wave of decaying corpses tumbled into the building next door. To salvage the situation, the king shut down all Paris’ graveyards and transferred all the bodies to an extensive network of underground tunnels that were left behind by limestone miners in the 13th century. Today, you can explore this empire of the death when you visit Paris. However, if you don’t like being reminded of what postmortem decay looks like, this is a destination that might not settle well with you.

Destination for high-speed lovers

If you want to drive at high speed without worrying about breaking traffic rules, then you should go to Germany. Germany is famous for its Autobahn making it an adventurous destination for high-speed craving tourists.

But don’t be lured by the opinion that you can drive as fast as you want everywhere. While this is true in some areas, there are still sections with a restricted speed limit. Nevertheless, you’ll still manage to move around faster in Germany than in any other country around the world. So, when you visit Germany, make sure you put your driving skills to test but exercise caution.

Travel the world

Whether you are travelling to expand your perspective, learn, appreciate your life, relax, celebrate an event, challenge yourself, build new relationships or just relax and enjoy the beauty of the world, these destinations are worth your time and money. They are not your typical destinations and the experiences you gather here will last you for a lifetime.

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