Vacation planning: here’s what you need to know about the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

ferrari world abu dhabi

On my adventure quest, I had a chance to visit the most famous attractions of Abu Dhabi and have a carefree day full of enjoyment. Here I want to point out that the good news for the car lovers is that they can now start their roaring engine and grab the wheel to enjoy the wild experience and adventurous rides in the Ferrari world.

Yas beach and Ferrari World are quite nearby. You can enjoy a stay in Yas Plaza with access to Yas Waterworld and Yas Marina circuit.

If you intend to lift your spirits and resemble an avid traveler then do visit this place which will add more excitement to your trip. The park opens at 11;00 AM in the morning and if you arrive early then no need to get bored. You can shop in the Ferrari shop and buy some fantastic souvenirs.

1. Perks of Visiting Early

If you come early to enjoy a beautiful day in this lovely Ferrari world, then you can have a fantastic time as there won’t be any queues for the rides. You can try all the scary rides without waiting in line.

2. First Choice for Adrenaline Junkies

Ferrari World is a place that avid theme park fans can’t miss in their Abu Dhabi city trip. This main attraction of capital, located at Yas Island is for speed and adrenaline junkies. Do visit the famous indoor park showcasing fantastic collections of Ferrari models and high-speed roller coaster. Ferrari world also won the World Travel Award in 2015 because of its superb and leading tourist attractions.

Make your UAE trip unique by visiting this magnificent theme park which was constructed by a great automobile company.

3. Amazing Shows

There are many exciting and entertaining shows in the park which can be found on the map. Ferrari world is a charming place where you can explore a lot and take lovely pictures to share on your social media profiles.

4. Design

The building is enormous, and the design of this theme park is similar to the Ferrari having a bright red roof. There is a 65m x 48.5 m Ferrari logo on the top of the building. Also, it is the largest indoor theme park in the world with 86,000 square meters of space which is enough for 7 football fields to fit in.

5. Top Attractions

This indoor theme park showcases Ferraris history. It has 20 rides and attractions, marvelous facilities and superb restaurants. Here, you will get a chance to ride the world’s fastest roller coaster – Formula Rossa and other gravity defying rides.

a. Formula Rossa: Give a shot to the Formula Rossa which allows you to have a heart-pumping rush of a crazy driver. Wear your goggles on this fastest roller coaster ride of the world as you will be moving at around 240 km per hour in 5 seconds.

Scream loud as you are launched and walked through the rails. This adventurous ride starts with the hydraulic launch which resonates and then takeoffs from the aircraft’s carrier. You will witness the fast blazing speed at this amusement park which is found nowhere else.

b. Fiorano GT Challenge: Enjoy a fun-filled and thrilling roller coaster ride at the Fiorano GT Challenge. Your excitement level will reach high by the sharp turns and the spinning rails. Jump on the Fiorano challenge to experience racing with your friends while taking part in the world’s great racing competition.

You will feel twists and turns from the ride while passing through a beautiful cool breeze and enjoy a lifetime experience. Race on the twisting parallel tracks with your friends and reach a speed of 95 km/h in no time. Beat the team racing on the other track to give the race an exciting finish and end it in the given lapse times in a fast solo ride or with your friends. You won’t find such a level of realism in any arcade that will immerse your body entirely in action.

c. Made in Maranello: Take a tour of this Ferrari factory to know how this stunning car is built. The factory tour in Made in Maranello allows you to explore more about the Ferrari’s lovely past.

d. Galleria Ferrari: Ferrari world also has some educational stuff, and Galleria Ferrari is there to show you such ultimate displays that lets you know a lot about the Ferrari. You can witness the sleek Ferrari models on display at the Galleria Ferrari.

e. Fast Lane: Do some internet research about Ferrari World Abu Dhabi before visiting it as there will be this exciting game where you can test your knowledge and win a prize. This game challenges your memory and knowledge about the Ferrari and awards a prize to the winner.

f. Tyre Twist: Enjoy this kid-friendly teacup ride which is superb for family bonding.

g. Bell’Italia: Have a slow paced ride and explore the charging landmarks of mini Italy.

h. The Speed of Magic: Ferrari world has also got the most sophisticated simulator in the world. Get on this 4D simulator ride and hold on your breaths as it will catch your heart with its ups and downs. You will be taken on a fantastic trip with a little driver via the dreamscape and enjoy venturing into flying high. Feel the cold at the ice planes and the heat of the forest with the shifting temperature and air moisture.

i. Driving with Champion: Experience riding with a race car with the Driving with Champion.

j. Karting Academy: This is the first go-kart track of UAE where you can have a blast while joining the karting.

k. Scuderia Challenge: Beat the top times by racing in the virtual Yas Marina circuit. Test your driving accuracy and skills with this state-of-art ride. It is a simulator that will take you to the thrilling Yas Marina Circuit.

6. Family Fun

People love enjoying with their family here, and that’s the reason they most often visit this indoor park. The excellent package and the hilarious rides allow you to have a fantastic and fun filled time with your family. This kind of fun, speed, adventure, thrills, and spills are quite rare to find. If you can’t afford to buy a Ferrari for your family, then make them happy by allowing them to test drive the racing cars at the Ferrari World.

7. Enjoy With Kids

Ferrari not only offers impressive rides for adults but has something more for children too. They can spend some significant time driving schools and get an excellent opportunity to learn the superb driving techniques. Your kids can start learning to drive with the Junior Pilot’s Driving school. They will feel happy watching the short educational film and then reducing the necessary instructions for the skillful experts.

8. Restaurants

Many cafes and restaurants are also available here so you can easily enjoy some snacks and have a tasty lunch. Kick back and relax enjoying the lovely views of the Arabian sea from the beautiful restaurants.

Rosticceria Modena is also a famous restaurant which serves tasty Arabians and Italian cuisines. You can enjoy the delicious food there in an Arabic style and distinct Italian flavors.

Final Words

There are many impressive parks in UAE that offer unlimited fun and enjoyment for their visitors. Ferrari world is among the biggest and top-notch attractions of UAE and is hard to miss. Explore more about Ferrari experiencing high adrenaline rides and the fastest roller coasters with excellent speed.

This great tourism hub draws great crowd from different big countries of the world.
You will have a memorable day at this excellent indoor park. I have visited this impressive park on my Dubai trip last month and it was surely the best and the most enjoyable day of my life.

Tick off the Ferrari world from your bucket list and explore it leisurely by arriving early. It also has some relaxing rides which excites many people. You can have lunch at the Yas mall and enjoy with your family there.

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