How to make friends in a hostel

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One of the biggest joys of travel is to meet amazing people along the way. And there is no better place for solo travelers to build good friendships than in hostels.

Traveling solo can be lonely and scary, especially for those attempting it for the first time. Whether you’re going for hikes or strolling, it’s always wonderful to share your experiences with someone.

There are many hostels that are designed to initiate social interaction and spark wonderful conversations. Some hostels offer community activities like board game nights while others organize pub crawls and wine tours.

Most backpackers who stay at hostels are friendly people who have a passion for travel – just like you! Even if you’re shy, making new friends will only enrich your travel experiences. So, here are some ways you can easily build new friendships in hostels.

Choose a dorm room

Staying in hostel dorm rooms are your best chance of making friends. When compared to living in a private hostel room, living in close quarters along fellow travelers boosts your chance of striking conversations.

Each person has a unique personality – some prefer to become instant besties while others can be a bit wary to form quick friendships.

So, take it slow; start with a friendly smile and a pleasant “hello”. Their reaction should give you a clue about their attitude.

Get up early

Even if you feel to sleep till the afternoon, push yourself to get up early. Breakfast time is when your roommates would talk about their previous day and plan their schedule for that day.

So, this is the best time for you to talk to other people about your experiences and theirs. Joining the breakfast discussion will help you make friends easily as you can share travel tips or even plan your trips together.

Don’t stick to your gadgets

Living in your bunk and closing yourself off is definitely not the way to make friends. You may like your gadgets but don’t stare into your laptop or phone all day long.

Get out of your bed more often and look approachable, even if you’re feeling shy to socialize. Grab a drink and spend some time at the bar. You’ll be surprised by the number of times you’ll be approached by other travelers.

Hang out in communal areas

Like the above point illustrates, get out of the dorm room and spend your time in the communal areas. Common areas such as the hostel bar, kitchen, lounge, or other areas would be filled with like-minded travelers who would share the same interests as you…

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