Health benefits of a beach vacation

narrow beach with sand and rocks

As a travel enthusiast, there are many amazing destinations you have been into. While all of them are great, beach vacations may have something more special to offer to its visitors beyond its beauty. Beaches provide some of the most enjoyable nature features in the world.

Beach moments are quite exciting and relaxing. It is almost impossible to spend a day at the beaches and feel exhausted at the end. The joy you feel when viewing the incredible beauty of the ocean can make you want to stay there forever. But did you know other than and comfort you experience at the beach you also get to enjoy some amazing health benefits? To know more, here are health benefits you can get every time you choose the beach as your holiday destination.

Reduces stress

We have all been stressed up for various reasons. In fact, it’s difficult to avoid stress completely since life is full of ups and downs. The good thing is that there are many ways to reduce stress levels to a harmless level and one of them is a visit to the beach. The natural beauty and quietness found in the beaches can make you feel so relaxed and refreshed. You even become more cheerful. If you add on playing with the waves, walking in the sand and your hair being blown by the wind, your stress levels will definitely decrease no matter how intense they were. Therefore, every time you think of taking some time off from your busy schedule to rest and re-energize, think of a beach vacation.

Exposure to vitamin D

Getting exposure to the sun has become an uphill task for most people because of busy schedules and the environment they live in. A trip to the beach gives you a good chance to enjoy the sun and in return increase intake of vitamin D in your body naturally. When you lie on those beautiful sunbeds enjoying the serenity, your body is becoming healthier because its need for vitamin D is being met. So, to nourish your bones, hair and other body organs, purpose to be at the beach at sunrise.

However, you should also note that sunbathing when the sun is extremely hot is not good for you. Remember the sun during the day contains UV rays which can cause premature ageing or worse still, trigger the growth of cancer cells in your skin. Hence, to protect yourself, use sunblock while at the beach always.

Improves your sleep

If these days you are not able to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep like you used to, it could be because you haven’t taken some time off to rest and relax. You could be lacking enough sleep because you are dealing with stressful issues that are making you restless even at night. Turning and tossing for the better part of the night will not solve those issues neither will they improve your lack of sleep problem. You need to take things slowly and look for ways to calm yourself. Interestingly, a vacation at the beach can greatly improve your sleep for the better. A visit to the beach can make you become calmer and relaxed so that later you can sleep soundly.

Besides, if you are suffering from insomnia and you are looking for a natural remedy, then, the beach is highly recommended. This could be associated to the fact that the beach has the power to relieve high stress, reduce anxiety and control hormonal imbalances which can all be associated with poor sleep.

Can improve your ability to fight off infections

The saltwater you get to interact with at the beach has unique antifungal and antibacterial properties which makes it an excellent solution to external infections. The iodine in the ocean is a highly recommended antiseptic. Even hospitals use it. Apart from it boosting the function of the thyroid gland which in turn boosts your immune system’s function, iodine and the salt found in the water destroys bacteria and fungi which cause skin breakouts.

Opportunities to exercise

A vacation at the beach is a great time to do some interesting exercises. One of them is walking at the beach. When walking or running in the sand at the beach and exploring the area, you are at the same time doing a workout session. The exercises will not only tone your leg muscles but they will also help you lose weight if that is your goal. Apart from walking and running, you can also get into the water and swim. Swimming is also an amazing exercise option to tone your body as you enjoy your vacation. After the exercises, you will feel more energetic and ready to face challenges when you go back home.

Beauty treatment for your skin

If you are dealing with blemishes, excess oils or uneven skin, you should think about a getaway at the beach. Spending time at the beach can actually prove to be a beauty treatment for your skin. For instance, when you walk and lie in the sand at the beach, the sand does its wonders to exfoliate your feet, hands and the whole body. More so, when you sunbath, your pores open up which makes it easy for the saltwater in the sea to detoxify your skin. At the end of your trip, your skin will be glowing.

Connect with yourself

Heading to the beach can give you a perfect chance to get in touch with your consciousness. The beautiful surroundings and the vastness of the ocean can make you truly feel at peace with yourself. Be sure to practice a bit of meditation or yoga. Otherwise, there is no other better place to enjoy such quietness in the modernized world.

Last words

A holiday at the beach is definitely a perfect destination any day. So, any time you feel overwhelmed or just completed some strenuous activities and you are in dire need of some rest, plan for a beach holiday. You will come back home feeling more energetic and at peace. It’s the best feeling ever!

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