How to have fun in the snow

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If you don’t want to dread every time you remember winter is around the corner, this article is meant for you. Even though the cold season comes with some limitations, it shouldn’t be the main reason you can’t go out and experience some unforgettable moments.

Playing in the snow is fun regardless of your age. This is one adventure you can’t really get enough of. You may take a break but after a while, you’ll definitely want to do it again. More so, it’s a great outdoor activity suitable for an entire family as long as they are physically fit and ready to have some real fun.

Some people assume that the winter season is a time to hide in their homes or head for a vacation in warmer destinations. Of course, these are great ideas but doing this every winter can easily become monotonous. If you had gone for a long vacation last winter, this winter sticks around and purpose to have fun in the snow.

Instead of cursing the snow and whining about all the disadvantages associated with it such as cold and making driving dangerous, how about you take advantage of that nature’s gift without delay and choose to create life-long memorable moments with your loved ones before it’s gone until another cold season?

It is not a regular occurrence; choose to make the best out of it.

Have some fun in the snow

Whether you are planning to engage in the typical winter sports or in more adventurous winter activities, here are plenty of amazing ways to have fun in the snow.

Build a snowman

Honestly, you haven’t experienced the sweetness of the snow in your neighborhood if you haven’t yet built a snowman. The good thing about this particular adventure is that you can actually do it right in your backyard as long as there is enough snow. Plus, it is one of the most idea snow activities you can do with children.

For the best outcome, begin with three small snowballs. Roll the balls around on the ground until they gather enough snow to form the base, the torso, and the head of the snowman. From there you can then add the other body parts you want your snowman to have. Be as creative as you can get and make your snowman unique. If there are kids, allow them to exercise their curiosity as well.

Just for your inspiration; you can make your snowman with pointed ears, button eyes, a carrot nose, and the mouth of a black rock. After the activity, take lots of pics. They will be the only reminder of your snowman when the winter is gone.

Make pretty shapes

If you don’t want to build a snowman, then simply make some pretty shapes right in the snow. The snow is a fantastic platform for any form of art as long as you are ready to think beyond the obvious. You could also choose to make the shapes if the snow is too powdery for a snowman. Use different gardening tools such as trowels, rakes, or broken buckets to make the different shapes. You can also try to make drawings of certain items with your boots. If you are in the company of your loved ones, have them guess what it is.

If you are more daring and willing to go an extra level, make a snow angel. This design is made in fresh snow. You lay on your back, move the arms up and down and legs side to side. The shape you make from those activities is what is referred to as the shape of an angel. This is a common amusement shape people especially the children love to draw in the snow.

Go snowshoeing

If you are kind of bored with the usual skiing and snowboarding, then next time, try snowshoeing. And this is not something that has just started. This is a technique that dates back around 6,000 years ago. It can be done anywhere there is snow and it’s beginner-friendly.

This amazing winter adventure can make you want to spend the entire day in the snow. It’s easier to learn and doesn’t require expensive gear. In fact, most experts categorize it as an extension of hiking. Meaning, with a pair of special snowshoes and your usual hiking gear, you are good to go.

This is an activity you can also use as your workout sessions during the winter season. It may help you to meet your body weight goals faster as it is said to burn more calories than cross country skiing, running, or brisk walking. So, if you would like to lose a few calories, don’t allow the cold season to pass without shedding off those extra kilos.

Hit the slopes

During the colder months, getting out to exercise and remain physically active is sometimes a huge problem. However, this can change in your case if you consider skiing and snowboarding. Just that it’s important to note that these kinds of sports require good-quality gear and some training. You can’t just hit the slopes and wow at the experience. But if armed with the appropriate gear and necessary skills, you are guaranteed to be happy on the slopes regardless of the conditions.

Enjoy a snow fight

How about you and your loved ones or a group of friends organize for a snowball fight? It’ll be lots of fun. The fight should be purely for fun. Ensure you set governing rules before the game begins. At no point should anyone get hurt.

Over the same, if it gets difficult to control the two teams, then change the version of the game and have only one group fight a specific target. That way, everyone will be free to throw as much snow as they want without worrying about hurting their loved ones.

Go sledding

If you know a place with a nice hill but it’s now covered with snow, consider it your perfect spot for sledding. You only need to pack your sled and tag along with your family members who are interesting to have fun in the snow. This type of fun can also fit into your daily workout plan. Meaning, you can enjoy yourself silly and still meet your workout routine.

Snow for fun

So, its wintertime, go out and have lots of fun. Forget about folding yourself with a heavy blanket on the couch or lighting some fire in the chimney all the time while you can also go out and enjoy the snow while it lasts. Don’t let the cold weather frighten you. As long as you dress warm and equip yourself with the appropriate gear according to the adventure you intend to participate in, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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