How to plan a unique family day trip

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Family day trips are fantastic and they provide a great way to bond with the people you love most. For many families, the luxury of taking a vacation is not an option due to financial constraints among other reasons. While taking a break from work and daily house errands to enjoy time with family is necessary, organizing for a full vacation may not be possible. That’s where a day trip comes in. They are considerably easier to plan and execute. Furthermore, they are budget-friendly. You won’t have to budget for air tickets like it would have been the case if you were going out-of-country vacation. You’ll also not cater for accommodation since you are going for a day and meals if you choose to have a packed lunch.

To be honest, family trips are not all that easy to plan and at times, they can overwhelm you. Unlike a group of friends who are probably age mates and have the same interests, family members, on the other hand, have a wide range of ages with very different interests. A typical family day trip will have senior citizens, young adults, teens and children. To ensure everyone enjoys the trip, you will need to be more creative and think outside the box.

The good thing about a family trip is that at least you have one thing in common and that is, you are family. Don’t be surprised if every member of the family want to do something different with a unique opinion of how the day should be spent. The only good thing with family trips is the fact that it isn’t very difficult to compromise just to see others happy. After all, these are your kids, parents, nieces, nephews, etc. But even at that, no one should feel left out because the trip is meant to make everyone have fun.

Tips to help you organize a memorable day trip

The best part of planning a family day trip is that requirements are fewer and you are planning for people you know pretty well. You have total control of how you want the day to be, the places to visit and the activities to engage in. For more inspiration, here are tips that can help you make the day a success.

Know your group

The first thing you need to know the moment you think about a family day drip is your group members. Knowing them means knowing their likes, dislikes, hobbies and generally what they would expect from the trip. Knowing this vital information will help you get a rough idea of the most suitable trip for your family. If some members want to relax at the beach the whole afternoon but others are nature lovers, look for a way to strike the balance without separating the group. For example, you can decide to begin with a visit to the local animal orphanage and later proceed to the beach.

Another thing to consider when planning a day trip is the ages of the various family members. Choose activities that every member can participate from toddlers to the elderly. Making sure everyone’s interest is considered tremendously aids in having a successful family day trip.

Establish a budget

Before deciding on the place you want to go to and the activities you will engage in, determine the amount of money you are able to spend as a family bearing in mind that bills will still be paid even after the trip. Allocate money for specific areas such as gas if you are going to drive, meals if you are going to eat at a restaurant and ticket or entry fees if you are going to engage in a paid activities. This way, if the budget goes beyond your expectations, it will be easy to know where to make the adjustments. For instance, if you want to reduce the costs, you can choose to pack your lunch. If you seem to be spending more on the gas, you can reduce the distance you had intended to cover. You can still find an amazing place in your neighbourhood. Instead of going to places that require an entry fee, choose public places such as museums and parks. They are free to the public and are great places to spend time with family.

Decide how far you want to go

Ideally, a day trip shouldn’t cover long distances because apart from driving, you need time off the car to do other activities. To help you decide on the best distance to cover, outline all the activities you want to engage in and the duration each will take. Also, if kids are going to be part of the trip, ask yourself how long they can stand to be confined in a moving car. You also need to know who will be driving from home to your destination and back. These points should enable you to get a good idea of the far you can go from home. For a simple day trip, you can choose to stay closer to home but if an opportunity prevails itself, you can go a little further and experience what the other side of the town has to offer.

Pack for your trip

To avoid disappointments and overspending while away from home, prepare and pack everything you will need in the days leading to your trip day. In fact, on the night before, make sure everything is set and ready. Pack all the snacks you will need. Make lunch if you aren’t going to eat in a restaurant. If you have kids, pack their favourite snacks, a change of clothes and car activities to keep them occupied. If you are driving, take your car for service to avoid mechanical problems while on the road. To save time, fill your gas tank the night before.

Delegate duties

Doing everything will wear you out and you won’t have fun. Plus, this will make other members feel like they are not part of the trip. If grandma wants to be in charge of her grandchildren and a nephew wants to handle everything meals from lunch, snacks to drinks, let them be. When everyone is happy, the trip is more enjoyable and fun.

A day trip, a fantastic way to spend time with family

A family day trip may be what your family is yearning for to deal with the chaos and stress caused by the world. If you are thinking of helping your family step out of their typical everyday activities but can’t afford to take them on a vacation, then plan a day trip. It will be an easier option compared to organizing a few days of family vacation and at the end of the day, you’ll have created special memorable moments together as a family.

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