How to save more money on your next flight

save money next flight

In the current times of endless competition in every industry, the consumer can now choose their required items from a vast variety of options in its type, make, quality and even pricing but when you have these many endless options then you actually end up being confused and buy an item that you later on regret. This is the irony of countless choices and options. Every one of us have been the victim of this irony where we have paid more than we should have or have gotten a thing far too worse among the many options. The worst case scenario is in the airline travels.

These days you can access and acquire every detail from the internet. You can even book and purchase your ticket online. When you search for the most suitable package deal for yourself, you stumble upon endless options with numerous services and amenities which will push you to forget what kind of package you actually wanted in the first place.

Some people couldn’t care more about the prices being high, even to an absurd level. They just accept the fare because of their loyalty with a specific airline or a website which books their flight for them and gets a big chunk of share from the airline companies. So, even though the rate of gas price is decreasing and airlines have acquired better commercial planes that are fuel efficient, still the fare for air travel is increasing day by day.

It seems that the only way to travel by air at cheap and affordable fares is by keeping an eye on the airline’s website for an error to be made and mentioned in the fares. As sometimes, human fed or even machine controlled database gives error and the fare shows up as the least possible. The airline has to keep an eye on their system and change any such error within 24 hours or else they will have to entertain such an accidental price for the lucky person who has booked in that time frame. For this, people have even designed and launched new apps that can figure out such mistakes made online on the airline’s websites for the benefit of public but these apps are a nuisance for the airline industry.


  1. Jetblue founder David Neeleman (an airline executive who is better at coming up with creative ideas than executing them) has thought much the same thing about staff longevity. Particularly with regard to flight attendants. He hoped to get back to the model whereby flight attendants typically worked in their 20s and then chose to leave after a few years for a more settled lifestyle. This would probably be better for the flight attendants (the job can certainly become a grind after awhile), customers (we”ve all seen indifferent service from burnt out fa”s) and the airline (fewer employees with high seniority wages). The problem is that the US airline seniority model – largely the product of a unionized system – makes it too lucrative a job to give up. There are many mid-level fa”s in the USA making almost $100K/year working only a few weeks a month. Unless this model changes (and I don”t think it will), the US mainline airline industry will generally remain a high labor cost business.

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