How to survive a plane crash

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Air travel is the fastest mode of travel options available around the world. It is also the most ideal option, particularly for international travels. Not to mention the comfort and convenience that comes with it. No wonder many travellers continue to make it their most preferred means of transport.

Although there are many advantages that come with choosing a flight over other means of transport, it’s important to appreciate the fact that plane accidents are the most fatal. A lot can go wrong while you are on board but the choices you make in such a moment will determine if you are going to survive the incident or not.

You don’t have to panic however, the information compiled in this article is meant to help you increase your chances of survival if you ever find yourself on a crashing plane.

Tips to decrease the odds of a plane crash

Plane crashes happen for many reasons. Some are technical and others are caused by Mother Nature. Although it might be difficult to avoid a plane crash, there are things you can do to minimize the likelihood of finding yourself in a crushing plane such as these few tips.

1. Avoid layovers

Whenever possible, take a nonstop flight. Most plane accidents occur during takeoffs and landing time. If you can afford to reduce those two phases during your trips, you’ll have reduced your chances of dealing with a flight crush by far.

2. Watch the weather

When it comes to air travels, it’s very important to watch the skies. Check the weather condition of the place you are taking your flight from and the place you will be landing. Many plane accidents are a result of bad weather. If the weather seems to be severe, consider delaying your flight. You can even reschedule your flight even if there will be charges involved. Your safety is important than the extra charges you may incur.

3. Choose a reputable airline

Before you pay for your flight tickets, make sure you have done your research. Don’t get tempted to fly with an airline you know nothing about simply because they are offering lower charges. They could be doing so but on the other hand, they have employed unqualified or inexperienced cabin crew. That’s why it is better to deal with a reputable airline. This isn’t to mean that accidents won’t happen when the plane is being controlled by experienced personnel but at least you are safer there.

Tips to increase your chances of survival in case of a crash

When you board a plane, the last thing you want to imagine is being unable to reach your destination in one piece. These tips will help you increase your chances of survival if you ever get involved in a plane crash.

Dress comfortably

When travelling by place, consider wearing a long-sleeved top and long pants made of natural fibre to protect your body from radiant heat and flash burns. Avoid synthetic materials that aren’t specifically made to be fire-resistant. Synthetic materials will make things worse in case they catch fire. If they catch fire, they tend to melt and bond with your skin making the burn, more severe and difficult to heal.

The shoes should be closed, hard-soled and comfortable. Interestingly, many people survive a plane crash but end up getting injured by fire and its end products such as toxic gases as they escape. When your feet are well-protected, it’ll be easier for you to walk faster to safer grounds even if you are passing through torn metal or flames.

Select your seat wisely

When selecting your seat, opt for seats near exit doors. In the event of a crash, you’ll have a better chance to escape. Thus, choose seats either at the back of the plane or close to an exit. Also, ensure you know how to operate the exit door. The exit doors won’t be of help to you if you don’t know how to open them.

Forget about your luggage

If you get a chance to escape the plane after it has crushed, don’t stop to grab your luggage however dear they are to you. The chance to be alive is all you need at that particular moment. You could think that you have a few seconds to spare but a crushed plane is a time bomb. Try your best to go as far as possible. But don’t wander away though. If you wander away you might get lost especially if you crashed in a secluded area.

If you really want to go to the plane again maybe to see if you can find your belongings or look for supplies, wait until you are sure the engine has cooled off and the spilled fuel has burnt off completely.

Wear your seat belt

Don’t wait to be reminded to fasten your seatbelts by the flight attendants. They are there to keep you safe during your trip. You are much safer if your seat belt is well-fastened if a crash occurs. Wear your seatbelts all the time. This is especially vital when you are sleeping. You won’t have time to fasten the seat belt on time in case of a plane crash.

On the same note, learn how to take off your seat belts as well. The same case wearing seatbelts is important is the same case knowing how to take them off is important. Ensure you know how to remove them quickly even without help. In case of an accident, the chances of getting help from the cabin crew or other passengers are very slim. So it’s important you know how to remove the seatbelt without help.

Listen to the safety briefing

When the flight attendants are issuing out a briefing before takeoff, listen to what they have to say. Most plane crash survivors listened to the briefing and learnt a few safety precautionary measures. It is also during the briefing that you’ll get to know your nearest exit in case of an emergency plus the alternative if the first one fails.

Final thoughts

You can’t say you will never take a flight to protect yourself from a plane crash; that’s very unrealistic. So, what do you do to protect yourself and your loved ones? Make good use of the information above. The good news is that it’s very much possible to survive a plane crash if you know what to do. Therefore, instead of refraining from taking flights, equip yourself with enough safety precautionary measures. Knowing there is something you can do to protect yourself in case of a plane crash will give you peace of mind. Lastly, just from watching international news around the world, you will agree that plane crashes are actually very few. This is not something that happens as often as it’s the case with road accidents. Besides, most plane crashes have survivors. Meaning, if you know what to do in case of a plane crash, your chances of survival are higher.

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