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It is the desire of every traveler to find the smartest and most affordable means of transport. If one of your hobbies involves traveling or maybe you travel for work, then you need someone to assist you to find the best value, the best dates and the best destinations.

So, instead of you spending most of your precious time researching flights, I want that flight is there to ease your burden. It will guide you so that you can make the most out of your travel time and money, of course.

This site is incredibly powerful to any traveler, especially in Australia. It is also useful to other flights originating elsewhere.

Before you book any flight, consider using this site to track down an elusive, affordable flight.

Cheap flights – The best way to save your money

I want that flight is quite unique when it comes to ensuring you get your choice of flight depending on your budget. How are they able to do this? It’s simple. They compare 100s of airlines and avail to you who is offering the best deals on airfares.

They do this either from the airlines directly or at times from travel agencies. After you have made your choice, they let you book directly and therefore there are no fees or charges added on.

In other words, they are absolutely free. Every time you have flexible flying dates, the best option would be to check their calendar just to see their various cheap flights.

Another way to save your money with I want that flight is through their Air Price Alert which they can send you whenever the flight you want drops below your chosen price.

Do you want to have a cheap holiday? Well, simply check out their newsletter, this shows the cheapest flights to anywhere from your home airport.

The steps of setting an Airfare price alert

If you have a tight budget but flexible travel dates, you can use such a chance to get the cheapest option to get it right, you need an Airfare Price Alert.

Currently you cannot set up alerts on your mobile phone but hopefully, that will change soon. When you enter a search and it is complete, the Airfare Price Alert box will be availed. Then, enter your email address and click save. You will then receive a confirmation mail.

Now that the alert is fully working for you, it will search for the dates you entered and you will receive an alert any time the price drops below the cheapest price you found during the time you searched.

Furthermore, instead of clicking ‘Save’ you can opt to click ‘More Options’. When you do that, you will have the option of altering the date ranges and the price that you want.

For instance, you can change the departure date from a specific date to anytime. You simply do this by clicking on the down arrow next to the date. Then click save and wait for…

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