Incredible reasons to visit Morocco

sand dunes in Morocco

Morocco, a country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa, is among the most fascinating countries in the world. A lot of travellers who come here either for business or leisure fall in fall with the place almost instantly. The uniqueness of the country will make you want to extend your visit. Here, you have the freedom to choose what you what to experience during your stay from city life to the countryside.

Interestingly, there are so many amazing things to do in Morocco but one thing you are guaranteed as a tourist is that Morocco has what it takes to make your trip unforgettable. The county has awesome things to do for travelers who are looking for a luxurious experience and those on a budget. Meaning, you can still enjoy your vacation in Morocco without emptying your bank accounts or taking a personal loan.

Whether you are comfortable with the bus tour or would love an independent travel adventure, here are excellent reasons why you should make Morocco your next travel destination.

Gorgeous scenery

Morocco is indeed a breathtakingly beautiful country. From the sand dunes of Sahara to the Sea in Essaouira, Morocco is a place you would love to be. It is only in Morocco you are sure to find many gorgeous diverse landscapes. The county is also blessed with many gorges, seaside towns, beaches and mountains such as High Atlas Mountains.

When you visit, make sure you spare some time to visit the countryside. The beauty of the coast and the mountains is jaw-dropping. You can either drive or take a bus tour. Not unless you have been well guided or you are accompanied by someone who knows the place very well, it is highly recommended you get the bus tour. Being on a guided tour ensures you don’t pass any isolated though beautiful spots along the way worth taking some of your most stunning and memorable photos. For instance, the perched villages in deep valleys will wow you. However, make sure you invest in a reputable company with a good history. Some inexperienced tour companies may end up ruining your trip.

Rich history

Even with the evolvement of innovation and technology, Morocco still prides itself to be among the fewest countries in the world which have kept their history and culture intact. No wonder Moroccans are so attached to their history no matter the influence from other countries.

The country has a fascinating history right from French colonial rule, Roman to Islam and Jewish communities. So, if you enjoy learning about other people’s culture, Morocco will not disappoint you. Although there are a number of historic sites that yearn for maintenance, there are plenty of well-maintained museums and historic buildings in various cities open to the public. Enough to enable you to do any research you may be anticipating to do or this country’s history.

The wildlife

Morocco is a haven for wildlife with birdlife being the most prevalent both in the countryside and various cities. Camels, goats and sheep are also very common. That’s why you will find wildlife sanctuaries in some areas of Morocco. And by the way, if you have been reading or hearing people talk about goats climbing argan trees and think it’s just a fairytale, for your information, it is actually very true. You need to visit here and witness the goats as they eat the argan nuts. The view will amaze you.

Welcoming locals

Moroccans are very friendly, hospitable and welcoming people. It isn’t difficult to strike a conversation with them and if you are lucky, you can make long term friendships. There are even travelers who have found their soul mates here. So, why not you? However, most of them are very private and camera-shy. You have to be careful, polite and gentle when approaching them. But after you begin to know each other better, you will realize that they are easy to talk to and you can learn a lot about the destination from them. If your approach is polite and you are patient enough to give them time to warm up to the conversations, you can have some very lucrative and memorable discussions with the Moroccans.

Delicious cuisines

If you are looking for a vacation destination that will take both you and your taste buds to an unforgettable tour, then look no further. Morocco is the place. In Morocco, food is a special part of Moroccan culture and hospitality. Most of their dishes are prepared by fresh ingredients and that’s why the food is so fresh and tasty. The daring balance of both savoury and sweet thanks to their special spice mixes will definitely give your taste buds something they haven’t experienced before. A typical Moroccan menu in most restaurants includes dishes like a soup or salad as a starter, then vegetarian tajine, meat or couscous and a finish with pastries or fruits. During your stay in Morocco, you will enjoy dishes every time you walk in a restaurant and place your order.

It’s a country with an amazing diversity

Apart from the famous mountains and desert in Morocco, do you know there is also a beautiful coast on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean? You can take a road trip from the coast to the mountain and enjoy the stunning beauty of this country. Due to the country’s nature and scenery, you have an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking and camping in the mountains.

You can also drive through the isolated valleys or ride a camel in the desert. Some amazing activities you don’t get to indulge in back at home. When it comes to a vacation in Morocco, you won’t lack something entertaining to do.

Best for photography

Are you a photographer looking for a destination to take some amazing photos? Morocco is ready for you. Here, there are plenty of incredible features that would capture the eyes of a keen photographer. The country is full of colours and stunning sceneries. The landscape photography is thrilling and with so many awesome dramatic views to be taken, you will love it to the bits. Over the same, street photography may not be very easy considering the locals here are quite camera shy. Even at that, the key point here is that if you are good in your photography skills, you will go back home with incredible photos. That’s a guarantee.

Morocco, your best travel destination

Indeed, Morocco is an impressive travel destination that will make your vacation one to remember. The country is rich in history, its citizens are welcoming and the food is delicious. If you add that to its nature and beautiful scenery, what else would you ask for?

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