Is travelling good for mental health?

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Traffic jams, angry bosses, failed promotions, overdue projects and lots and lots of overtime work. Don’t you just wish you can drop everything, go to the nearest airport and pick the first travel destination right off the top of your head? Say, the luxury and glamour of Cannes, or the traditional charm of Japan or what about swimming in beautiful sandy beaches in the Maldives? For someone who’s on the brink of going “cuckoo” with city living, any place would be a perfect place just to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the concrete world.

I myself can attest to this. I live in a big city and there’s something about skyscrapers and taxis and the daily grind that really tests my patience. So I have this routine I try to stick to every two months when I feel I’m up to my neck: I travel and surf. I know it probably sounds like a costly habit but does cost really mean something when our mental health is on the line? Numerous studies have proven that traveling is good for mental health. But some experiences can also prove that traveling is just as detrimental as it is beneficial. If you’re asking why then maybe you haven’t had stressful experiences whenever you traveled (good for you), but to avoid nerve-racking vacations in the future, read these top 10 tips on how to stay mentally healthy while traveling:

1. Prepare Before Your Fly Date

There’s nothing more appalling for a warrior to go into battle without his armor. I’m not saying traveling is a negative thing but you don’t know what’ll come your way when you reach your destination. So it’s good to do some prior research on the location, weather, people, food, language, and accommodations.

2. Eat The Right Food

Local cuisine is always a must when traveling. Just make sure to balance it out with fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains so you’ll have more energy and a positive mood…

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