KIP – London’s Affordable Design Hotel

In this post I want to share another exciting design find that I discovered thanks to Curate & Display on Twitter. This time it’s an affordable design hotel in London. What? I hear you ask. Affordable and London in the same sentence? But yes, it’s really true. I have found a great looking design hotel in London that doesn’t break the bank. When looking for a hotel to stay the night in, design is always a very important factor in my decisions. If I’m going to stay away from home I don’t want to stay in a bog standard room that could be anywhere. I don’t want a typical hotel. I want somewhere that has personality, somewhere that is well thought out and somewhere that speaks to the design geek in me. But at the same time I’m not made of money, so I also need somewhere that won’t cost an arm and a leg. It took a lot of searching, but I’ve finally found it. Welcome to Kip, an affordable design hotel in London.

Kip was opened in March 2016 by Mike and Ross Baxter who wanted to build a stylish but affordable independent hotel. And they have done just that. Kip is proving to be very popular with trendy, price conscious tourists and business travellers alike who have been won over by the accessible location and the stylish accommodation.

Essentially our concept for the hotel was to create well-designed accommodation at an affordable price. We genuinely believe that stylish choices and smart design don’t necessarily have to come at a premium price – if you can design out the ‘overpriced’ bits and focus on improving the end product and staying true to your original ethos and vision. I think we have proved this with Kip Hotel – especially when you look at our competitors in terms of price range. Accommodation on a budget doesn’t have to be budget accommodation. – Mike Baxter, Owner of Kip, London


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