Reasons why you will fall in love with Istanbul

blue mosque istanbul

Istanbul is where you can have an European involvement with an Islamic elegance. Towers and vaults of mosques, medieval engineering overwhelm the horizon.

At daybreak, you can see individuals going to the mosque for the prayers as you hear the call bounce back from the old minarets. Istanbul has exceptional scenes and places to visit where you can just fall in love with the place.

Finally decided that if you are going to Istanbul, at that point you need to go for around 2-3 days in Istanbul before you start exploring different pieces of Turkey.

Generally, 2-3 days is enough to visit the must-see places in the city and for that, you can book the best hotels in Istanbul.

Or you are planning for a week trip, then you should stay for seven days to give Istanbul a chance to cheer you up with its history, culture and best places with its experience.

There are some reasons why people love to visit Istanbul:

1. Its area and region

Istanbul is one of a kind among the world’s urban communities. The memorable Bosporus Strait, which associates the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, attracts tourist to European side from its Asian side, where most of its inhabitants live.

A bay of the Bosporus is known as the Golden Horn that further isolates the two parts of the European side – the Old City, which contains a large portion of the city’s best destinations, and the clamoring New City, home to the greater part of Istanbul’s the same old thing and social life.

2. You will not believe your eyes seeing Istanbul’s engineering

It’s not simply nature that makes Istanbul lovely. A few thousand years, progress has filled the Old City with amazing building ponders.

Hagia Sophia’s huge arches are recently reestablished, expressive mosaics rates the wonders of Byzantine Christendom, even after the congregation was changed over to a mosque for a long time.

The bewildering Sinan, kind of the Shakespeare of Ottoman engineering, contributed the vaporous, rich Suleymaniye Mosque in the mid-1500s.

After 50 years one of his followers administered development of the Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque, with its amazing tiles and six minarets, confronting Hagia Sophia.

The city teems with littler jewels too, for example, the fragile Rustem Pasha mosque, named for a shrewd vizier who might have felt totally comfortable in the realm of Game of Thrones.

3. The enhanced tangle

A profoundly refined journey and the travel industry makes Istanbul, and Turkey, very simple to visit. Turkey positions as the 6th most prominent vacation…

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