Motorcycle touring tips for an awesome experience

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Motorcycle touring is the current trend. More and more travelers are choosing to explore unique destinations using motorcycles. With family life, demanding jobs and many other responsibilities, getting time to go on such a great adventure can be very exciting and fulfilling at the same time.

A motorcycle trip is always great. However, to turn even a not very good trip great, you need to be well organized. From choosing the right destination to packing all the essentials, there is no doubt that planning is key to a memorable motorcycle trip.

Other than the many opinions you will get when you share your plans with family and friends, you also need expert advice if the trip is going to be a success. You need to be well equipped with clever tips and tricks that legends have learnt over the years of experience. Otherwise, expecting a successful motorcycle tour without a good plan is impossible.

The secret to smart motorcycle touring

Enough fuel for your motorcycle and a helmet are not enough for an awesome motorcycle tour. Therefore, consider making use of the tips discussed below next time you go on a motorcycle trip adventure.

Pack early

Among the first things you need to do when planning to go on a motorcycle trip is to pack early. It isn’t funny to remember you left your water bottle or something crucial when you are already a thousand miles away. Do you go back or do you buy another one? It is even worse if you are going to a remote place without shops and other essential amenities. These are some of the things that can turn a good trip into an unpleasant one.

The easiest way to know the things you will need is to know your route, final destination, accommodation plans, what to eat and the time you will be away from home. If you are going to camp, then know all your camping requirements. If you are going to spend in a hotel, pack your essentials and do your reservations. By the time you are arriving at your destination, you will be so tired to start looking for a place to spend the night. Make a checklist to help you know what you haven’t packed yet. Don’t leave the house before you are sure you have packed all you will be needing.

Pack light

Even though you are trying to pack everything you think will be useful in your trip, don’t overdo it. You will be riding a motorcycle remember. You can’t pack the same way you do when going on a family road trip in a car. This is a motorcycle tour, everything you have will be carried by the bike including you. Don’t overburden the bike if you want to have a great experience. Lightweight packing is good because it is easier to pack and unpack which you will be doing a lot during the trip. Besides, it will be easier for you to locate items without disorganizing the entire pack.

Carry a spare key

Of course, you don’t want to get frustrated in the middle of nowhere because you lost the motorcycle key. Tiny things are likely to get lost quite easily. For your safety and convenience, purpose to bring along your spare key. Use a zip-tie or duct tape to hide your spare key. You can also trade the key with your travelling companion if you have one.

Use an envelope system

If you are going to spend some days on the road, consider using the envelope system to stay organized. Have enough envelopes for the days you will be touring and in each envelop, have your to-do-list for the day. To distinguish the envelopes, name them according to the date, location, things you intend to do there and must-see attraction sites. This option will make things pretty easier for you instead of perusing an entire notebook just to get the information you are looking for. After you are done with the envelope, remove it from the rest so that you are only left with the necessary ones.

Check on your bike every morning

Make sure the first thing you do in the morning before hitting the road is to check the status of your motorcycle. Don’t assume that everything is perfect simply because you used it yesterday evening. A simple checkup of stuff such as oil level, air pressure, missing or loose fasteners can save you from great challenges. Plus, this is something that won’t take much of your time. Only begin your adventure when you are sure everything is in perfect working condition.

Keep track of your route

Keeping track of where you are is particularly helpful if you are riding alone or with a companion but you are not familiar with that place. You need to know your location so that in case of an emergency, help can reach you faster. To keep a good track record, mark the places you have passed such as road signs, landmarks, towns and anything that can help the emergency team locate you faster.

Set realistic goals

Please, let us agree on this, you are going on an adventure and not a competition. Therefore, there is no need to overstretching yourself because you set unrealistic daily mileage. You may plan your route to take you a few hours but due to a great number of scenic places you couldn’t afford to pass, you end up spending the entire day. Other things that can hinder your daily mileage include bad road, traffic jam or even bad weather. To avoid disappointments, just take a day at a time and enjoy your adventures as they come.

Prepare for flat tires

As much as you don’t want them to happen, they still happen anyway. You cannot carry a spare wheel like in the case of a vehicle. So, what do you do? The first and the most important thing is to be prepared in case of such eventuality. Knowing that a flat tire can happen will protect you from feeling hopeless when it eventually happens. Carry a repair kit and pump machine if you have tubeless tires. If your bike has tube tires, don’t worry, you will definitely get roadside repairs along the way. You can even take an insurance policy just to safeguard yourself.

Make the seat comfortable

If you want to enjoy riding your cool bike, invest in a good-quality seat cushion pad and get it installed on your motorbike. Be sure to ride your bike a few days before the trip to know how it feels riding the bike with a cushion on.

Make your ride memorable

With the above tips, you have everything you need to enjoy a motorcycle trip whether alone or with a group of friends. Just prepare yourself, pack the essentials and hit the road.

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