Must visit tourist attraction sites in Slovakia

Woman Traveler Taking a Photo of High Tatras, Slovakia

More and more people visit Slovakia each year. That’s not without a good reason since most of them are come-backs. Slovakia has amazing features such as natural landscapes, caves, folk architecture, mountains, spas and many more. In fact, even if you visit Slovakia, you will always find something to amaze you and enjoy your stay.

If you have never been to Slovakia and you are wondering if it’s a good idea to visit, be assured your trip will be worth every coin you will spend. This country is rich in extraordinary traditions, history and vibrant cities. Besides, if you are looking for outdoor adventures, Slovakia is a perfect destination. The truth is, there are many breathtaking attraction sites in Slovakia. However, if your time is limited, here are must-visit sites that will delight and amaze you.

The High Tatras

High Tatras are the highest mountain range in Slovakia. It is also the home to one of the nine national parks in the country. Naturally, it wouldn’t look right if you toured Slovakia and didn’t pay a visit to these range of mountains. Even the country’s citizens visit this awesome attraction site quite often and they are super proud of it. Interestingly, High Tatras mountain range is the smallest mountain range in the world but its beauty will impress you. The high and steep peaks standing from a wide shallow valley is something you just want to come and see in person.

If you love hiking, High Tatras have excellent hiking trails. The beauty about hiking here is that the hiking trails are well-marked and hiking maps are also available in all tourist information offices. Besides, you don’t have to be a veteran to hike on these mountains. Easy and short trails for beginners, older people and even kids are available too. So, ensure you pack your hiking gear when visiting Slovakia and enjoy what Slovaks have been enjoying for ages.

Dunajec River

If you want to know how it feels to float down on a wooden raft on a river, Dunajec River in Pieniny National Park will give you the experience you desire. You will also learn more about the region as the craftsman navigates a traditional wooden raft on the river. This unique trip is enough to relax and calm your mind tremendously. After the wooden raft ride, you can also get a chance to take an old-fashioned horse and carriage and use it to stroll to the travertine lake in Pieniny. The calming effect you will have found here will make you forget all your troubles and concentrate on enjoying your holiday in Slovakia. A perfect way to relax unwind and rejuvenate before going back to your daily duties.

Orava Castle

The mesmerizing view of this castle set upon a craggy hilltop in the middle of a verdant forest is not something you see every day. Orava Castle is actually one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia. It was built the 13th century and since then, the generations that followed added their styles. That’s why you will notice a variety of architectural features when you visit this gorgeous site. It’s also home to some unique archaeological findings documenting its history and old artifacts ensuring you leave here more knowledgeable than you come.

Slovak Paradise National Park

The Slovak Paradise National Park is encompassed with a wide array of rugged and wild landscapes. When you visit the park, there is so much to see you won’t notice how time flies. From deep canyons, rivers cutting through the endless forests, deep rocky gorges, valleys to sparkling waterfalls, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. So, next time you are put to task to organize a trip with your buddies, give Slovakia the priority and Slovak Paradise National Park to be precise. All the amazing natural features found here will definitely make your trip worthwhile. You can also treat a loved one with a memorable experience as you explore what the park has to offer.


Slovakia is indeed a country rich in history. The spectacular Levoca’s historic main square is certainly is a perfect example. Here, you will be privileged to see the 15th-century town hall and the glorious Gothic church. In addition, you will also view unique cultural landmarks and incredible historic sights. The magnificent architecture all over the town will surely make your visit here memorable for years to come.

To get the best out of this place, schedule a day or two. This will give you enough time to visit all the amazing sights including the ones in the surrounding region. Plus, if you are looking for a quiet getaway with your significant other, Levoca is the paradise you seek.

Spis Castle

When you come to Slovakia, please visit the Spis Castle for its fantastic views. It is among the castle complexes in the whole of Central Europe. Isn’t that awesome? A visit here gives you a special chance to wander around its many fortifications, towers and walls. All these make it a major tourist destination in Slovakia. Be among the many travelers who come here and see its unique features for yourself.

The bottom line

Slovakia is an amazing place to be. With all the unique features to feed your eyes, you can never feel bored. By the way, don’t forget to take photos, lots of them if you can. Those photos and selfies will remain to be a reminder of the memorable moments you spent in Slovakia.

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