narrow beach with sand and rocks

Health benefits of a beach vacation

October 22, 2020 Travel League 0

As a travel enthusiast, there are many amazing destinations you have been into. While all of them are great, beach vacations may have something more special to offer to its visitors beyond its beauty. Beaches provide some of the most enjoyable nature […]

castle in spain

Top 10 uncovered regions to travel in Spain

October 16, 2020 Travel League 0

You must have heard of the beautiful cities of Spain, the sunny and warm beaches, the historic castles and exquisite scenery. All of these portray how captivating a visit to Spain can be. Beyond the breathtaking landscape, dramatic mountains, scenic coastlines, and […]

port in monaco with luxury yachts

Awesome reasons to visit Monaco

October 15, 2020 Travel League 0

Monaco is a wonderful place. Apart from it being the second smallest country in the world, it has extravagant sights that amaze every traveller. It may be small, but it has fantastic reasons to choose it as your destination next time you […]