A must-visit Australian state: 5 grand reasons to travel to New South Wales

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Australia’s beauty is undeniable. Every part of it always has something incredible and astonishing to offer.

A southeastern Australian state, New South Wales is home to many different things Australia is proud and honored of. At the heart of this populous state is Sydney, its capital city.

New South Wales is rich in many ways, and there truly are countless captivating places to visit, things to do and experiences to gain that make it an awe-inspiring geographical paradise.

It would be really great if you would be able to see and experience such an awesome place that will truly overwhelm you in many ways! There are tons of places in Australia, and New South Wales should be noted down on your bucket list.

Although a few things have already been mentioned that shows how NSW is a must-visit place, here are 5 grand reasons to travel to the “Premier State” of Australia, New South Wales.

Proud showcase of history

Just like any place, New South Wales is rich in noteworthy history wherein some parts of it account to the contributions of Australia to its people and also to the world that have made a helpful difference.

NSW is pleased to always impart to others, especially to tourists who know nothing about it, its abundant history. It values the state’s early beginnings up to the current time. In every place in it that has been made into a tourist attraction or a memorial site, NSW’s far past is appreciated and remembered, and the contemporary time is acknowledged too while things have been modified or improved to suit the contemporary and to survive.

You’ll find it hard to count New South Wales’ historical sites and heritage spots, but you don’t have to. Just enjoy the time as you discover and learn its history and the history of Australia as a whole, too.

One of Sydney’s 19th-century mansions, the Vaucluse House is still established and encompassed by the wooden floors and beautiful gardens it has had since then. Today, some enhancements were made suitable for the modern-day condition of the building and of environmental factors as well. The grounds were expanded and developed too. It became Australia’s first official house museum in 1915, and today, it continues to attract visitors to its lavish and exclusive location.

The colonial past of Australia has always been shared through these buildings that include museums that were once prisons. The Maitland Gaol and the Old Dubbo Gaol are there to name some.

The Elizabeth Bay House, the Mt. Erin Heritage Centre, the Susannah Place Museum, the Hyde Parks Barracks Museum and the Australian History Museum are just some of the many NSW heritage sites that you can and should visit for a delightful learning and experience of its remarkable history.

Rich in beautiful beaches

Truth be told, one of the things that magnetize tourists are the beaches in a country. New South Wales got you! It has numerous beautiful beaches aside from those in other parts of Australia. Splendid beaches are unarguably, one of NSW’s best assets! It has them like no other place has.

NSW’s beaches give you an even more nonchalant travel and vacation. You can rest and unwind by the beach and have fun under the sun while you watch people do water activities. You should also miss not the chance to soak yourself in the appealing waters of the beach; go for an invigorating swim or do watersports!

Surfing is one of the favorite things locals love doing, and it’s also what they all suggest to every tourist that comes to visit Australia. You should try it too, so you’ll complete what it takes to fully enjoy NSW.

The Palm Beach, the Red Rock Beach, the Jones Beach, the Bondi Beach and the Wategos Beach are just some of NSW’s must-visit beaches. They offer not just a fun and unforgettable beach life experience, but also a touch of, again, Australia’s history.

Wonderful wildlife

Not only humans are important in NSW but also wildlife. You can go there and collect lots of cute, heart-warming and memorable experiences with friendly Aussie animals and with pleasant nature spots.

Find out NSW’s native animals and tropical animals. Seeing animals which are exclusive in its areas will be a one of a kind privilege! You can be friends with kangaroos and koalas, and know why Australia is really famous of them. You can enjoy watching dolphins and whales living a peaceful life in the waters of NSW. Up there, you can witness the stunning flocks of different birds, and be amazed by how they fill the skies with great sights too!

Taronga Zoo, Koala Park Sanctuary, Hunter Valley Zoo and Potoroo Palace are some of the places you should visit for great animal experiences. There are lots of zoos, animal farms and sanctuaries in NSW.

You should also refresh and breathe in the air of an uplifting mood as you land a step at NSW’s treasured nature reserves and gardens. Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, Fagan Park Eco Garden, Sherwood Nature Reserve and Wingham Brush Nature Reserve for an energizing and calming experience of NSW’s nature.

An extraordinary and unique experience you should bag with you can also be given by NSW. Your love-filled heart for these valuable life forms, aside from humans, will be stimulated and blissful.

Amazing architecture

Just think of Australia’s timeless icon, the Sydney Opera House, and you won’t ever doubt the impressive architectural structures and designs in NSW.

This state is filled with well-made and well-constructed buildings and establishments that truly wow everybody who gets to the place for the very first time. Even locals still get mesmerized by the Aussies’ way of making buildings admirable and eye-catching.

One of the most inventive and trailblazing buildings in Australia is the tower at Central Park. Aside from its counter levered platform that takes breaths away just by seeing it protrude out into the groundless sky, it also turns heads because of its green plants coming off the building. You can see the surprising product of combining what man made with what God has made. The One Central Park was considered one of the world’s best skyscrapers in 2014.

Constructed in the late 19th century, the Queen Victoria Building is still one of NSW’s ageless and striking buildings today. Located in the center of Sydney, it is considered as one of the top-tier shopping spots in the place.

Those two are just some of the NSW buildings with astonishing architectural construction. Prepare your mind to be blown by the unbelievable look of more buildings in NSW.

Fantastic food

What’s traveling without food? NSW doesn’t just feed your eyes with its most precious views, but also fills up your tummy with its sumptuous and satisfying food you won’t forget! From breakfast to your midnight snack plus your desserts and drinks, NSW offers heaps of delectable selections!

New South Wales is well-known for it offers vast choices of fresh seafood available in its market. There are lobsters, prawns, tuna, mulloways, squids and crabs cooked in many different and cool styles! Chiefly, NSW is famous for its rock oysters which will truly paint a smile on your face for its utterly delicious taste!

Momofuku Seiobo, Forty Licks, Bistro on the Greens and The Cookhouse are some of the elegant restaurants you should pay a visit to and dine in, of course! There are NSW restaurants situated outdoors or with a romantic view of Australia’s splendor wherein you can go to if you want to eat while enjoying the air and the sights around.

Not only luxurious restaurants are there but also food trucks and street eats! From those eating places, you will be glad and tummy-filled with meals that show how NSW is also influenced by many other cultures. You can try both local Australian food and those with mixtures of other countries’ tastes.

Travel to New South Wales, and you will realize and feel how it will just keep you wanting to come back. That’s it.
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