A simple guide to road tripping during the pandemic

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Coronavirus has been here for a while now and its time we all learnt ways to keep ourselves safe and continue with our daily lives. The pandemic fatigue is real. Plus, staying home for so long can be very boring, to say the least. Therefore, if you are thinking about taking a vacation or visiting your folks, then don’t be afraid to do so because it is possible to take a road trip and still stay away from the deadly virus.

While driving to your destination may also pose some challenges, if you take all the precaution measures, then you will be safe. To protect yourself and others, please don’t take anything into chance. Do not assume that where you are going or the things you are touching are virus-free. Doing so will expose you to greater risk.

Don’t be scared though, if you are considering a road trip whether alone or with a group of friends or family members, this post shares awesome information to help you keep safe as you enjoy your road trip during these abnormal times. Read on and keep yourself safe as you hit the road.

Things to observe when taking a road trip during the pandemic

Although the scenery is the same, current road trips are not similar to the ones you did before the pandemic. These days, road trips require more planning and patience in order to protect yourself and others. In that regards, if you are taking a road trip, then make sure you observe these rules even if your trip is taking just a few hours. It’s the only way you can reach your destination safely.

Plan your trip

While initially it was super fun to just wake up one day and decide to go on a road trip, in this pandemic era, such a decision can ruin your plans. These days, some destinations have set rules to combat the spread of the virus and you will not be allowed in if you don’t meet the criteria. To avoid such disappointments, do your research before embarking on your journey.

You also need to check with your hotel if you are planning to spend the night. Don’t go with the assumption that you will still get accommodation even at the last minute. Apart from facilities being closed during the pandemic, due to social distancing, most hotels have reduced their occupancy by half the number. This means it’s more difficult to get accommodation if you had not made reservations on time. However, if this skipped your mind and you have only a day or two left, then bring a tent for the emergency shelter just in case. In fact, bringing along a tent even when you have already booked your hotel can be a lifesaver. Remember these are abnormal times and a lot of things can happen. For instance, if your hotel closes unexpectedly or you run out of gas, what will you do? Even though most national parks are not accepting campground reservations yet, with a tent you can camp almost anywhere as long as your safety is not compromised.

If you are going on a long trip. Then you need to know the best places to have your meals, fill gas or generally stopover. This is not a time to stop at any place you find interesting. The general rule is to avoid crowds and only go to places that observe health safety rules such as wearing masks, social distancing and washing of hands.

Observe the traffic rules

With or without the pandemic, if you are going to reach your destination in one piece, then you must drive carefully. Since not many people are travelling, then you are likely to encounter traffic-free conditions along the way. Please, do not take advantage of the situation to over-speed or fail to observe the traffic rules. Remember you are also going to meet other drivers whose driving skills are wanting probably because they have not been behind the wheel for a long time or they are stressed out. Hence, to preserve your sanity and avoid unnecessary road accidents, be a careful driver. If you can help it, make sure you keep a safe distance between you and other road users.

Bring a hand sanitizer

Immediately you step out of your home, you are not sure about how many people have touched the things you are also touching and their hygienic level. Besides, it’s impossible to go on a road trip and avoid touching anything. To safeguard yourself and the other occupants, be sure to carry enough hand sanitizer. Use it to disinfect your hands every time you touch those gas pumps at the gas station, doorknobs and money among many other unexpected things you are likely to touch.

On the same note, if you go to a place they have provided running water and hand wash, then make good use of them and spare your hand sanitizer to use where necessary. You never know what lies ahead and your trip might take longer than you had planned. But still, ensure you carry enough hand sanitizer to last you for the whole trip.

Pack enough snacks and water

This is not a time to stop at every store you find along the road to buy snacks and refill your water bottle as you have done before. One way to keep yourself safe is to limit your contact with people. Thus, make sure you pack enough healthy snacks to last you for the whole journey. If you are not going for a long trip, then the snacks should be enough to keep you full throughout the trip. You can also make your more nutritious meals at home and pack them in a cooler.

If you have to take a meal before you reach your destination, look for a restaurant with an outdoor sitting arrangement. Avoid indoor restaurants particularly the crowded ones. Also, if you can pay using your phone or a credit card, then do so and avoid handling money by all means.

Enjoy your road trips and keep safe

If you are a road trip enthusiast, then you can’t kill your hobby just because of the pandemic. As long as you know how to keep yourself safe, then you can go ahead and enjoy your road trips as you have done in the past. Just ensure you maintain social distance and other safety measures every time you step out of your car. You don’t have to kill yourself with boredom at home anymore. Get out of your home and drive yourself to that destination you have been fantasizing about for months. It will do you good mentally, physically and spiritually.

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