Six things to keep in mind before travelling to Scotland

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Tucked away in the north of the UK, Scotland is home to nearly 800 islands, lies Scotland with a diverse range of natural landscapes.

It may not be the most popular tourist destination, but it certainly makes an impact in the hearts of its visitors.

But Scotland can be quite strange if you’re visiting it for the first time. The different culture, traffic rules and accents can be difficult to navigate. Luckily for you, we’ve got some tips and tricks to make things a lot easier.

1. The Best Times to Visit Scotland

Scotland is no doubt a beautiful place to visit the whole year round. But if you want the best weather, July to September are the months to visit.

You’ll get the perfect warmth of the summer months while enjoying the scenic views. Not to mention, the days are longer too so you’ll be able to squeeze in more activities.

However, this is also the peak tourist season for Scotland. So, if you’re not into crowds, perhaps this time isn’t the best for you.

The prices of everything from hotels to transport will be higher than usual. If you want to avoid all of these hassles, it’s wiser to opt for the tourist off-season.

Sacrifice the good weather for better prices. The low season runs from late November to April when the temperatures are much cooler.

Tourists don’t usually visit during this time so it won’t be as crowded, and you’ll save a lot more money on accommodation and other costs.

But this also means you may have to deal with bad weather like rain, storms and snow. So, if you plan on visiting during this season, make sure to pack accordingly.

2. Try to Pick Up the Vocabulary

The Scottish are known around the world for their accent, which can be quite difficult for other people to understand. So before you head out to the land of the Lochness Monster, familiarize yourself with the Scottish accent.

Start off by watching a few Scottish TV shows and movies. You could even listen to interviews of Scottish celebrities like Amy Macdonald. Take this opportunity to learn something new about the country and its culture.

Note important Scottish vocabulary so that you can use it for the basics. Some people also speak Gaelic there, which is an even older language.

But don’t worry, important signs and posts are always set in English as well for everyone’s convenience.

3. Carry Cash With You

When it comes to currency, like the rest of the UK, Scotland uses Pound Sterling. However, it does have its own special banknotes, with varying designs. Unlike the UK, several banks are issuers of these notes…

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