Top ways to pamper yourself on a solo vacation

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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easier to forget about yourself and the things that make you happy. Between family responsibilities, finances and careers, getting some times alone may be unheard of. But what about when a vacation opportunity presents itself? You must take full advantage of the duration. It’s the only time you may get to relax, unwind and forget about your busy schedules even if it is for a short while.

Everybody needs some time to rest. A super busy lifestyle without rest can cause more troubles in your life from poor work performance to health issues. Therefore, it’s important to take some time away from the usual hustles and go somewhere to rest. It doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be a memorable vacation. So long as you can afford to budget in a little splurge for your travels and a few treats, you are good to go. Even a weekend away can do the magic.

Why take a solo vacation?

If you have always travelled with friends and family members, you may be wondering if a vacation alone is a good idea. Well, a vacation alone means you only do what makes you happy without consulting anyone. Come to think of it, when you travel with your family members, you must put all their needs into consideration. It’s only fair that way. While you will still have a good time, you will not get the freedom that comes with solo trips. Imagine being the sole master of your itinerary?

Furthermore, travelling alone doesn’t require a lot of planning. You have the freedom to organize for a short vacation in just a few days. The budget is equally friendly and so you do not have to save for a whole year to get enough money to spoil yourself during a getaway.

Going for a vacation alone once in a while doesn’t mean you won’t have time for your loved ones. If you have children and a spouse, you may feel guilty you are leaving them behind. But do you know the well-rested and relaxed you are more useful to your family than when you are dealing with so much on your mind? Even working full time all the time doesn’t make you a good employee. You must rest if you want to remain productive at your workplace.

Tips to spoil yourself on a solo vacation

It’s now time to take that much-deserved vacation. You will not deal with kids’ tantrums or be bothered by work emails. Then it’s surely the best time indulge in sweet treats rare to find back at home. Here are some amazing ways you can spoil yourself during a solo vacation. You will of course go home happier.

In-room massage

Although you can still get a massage at your local beauty parlour, there is something special about getting a massage right inside your hotel room. Being handled by a personal masseuse at the comfort of your hotel room is just super relaxing. Indulge in an in-room massage as you relax and forget those complicated issues you left behind. The relaxed you will have the energy to solve them when you get home. For now, just relax and enjoy the moment.

Enjoy some quiet moment

Enjoying some time alone doing absolutely nothing can be very relaxing. In fact, it could be the only thing you need to knock out those stressing moments. You could just sit at the balcony of your hotel room and view the sunset for hours. A glass of wine at the poolside as you listen to some cool music or a walk at the beach in the evening can be so breathtaking. They are simple things but rare to come by when you have to deal with everyday hustle. It’s only during a vacation when you can make good use of them to relax and refresh your body and soul.

Take a steamy shower

There is something therapeutic in a long hot steamy shower after a day of exploring a new place. Although you can still have a hot shower at home, uninterrupted shower in a hotel room can be so soothing. Remember you are not worried about dinner time or anything like. You have the whole evening at your disposal. When you add on the sweet-smelling shower products and the warm cosy towels, the vacation will remain one to remember.

Do something new

The truth is, the routine you are used to back at home can be quite boring. Hence, during your solo vacation, it would only be ideal to try out new things. Even if it’s just something as simple as trying out a new dish. You can also learn a new skill such as swimming, snorkeling or any other activity that you find interesting. Just do anything that makes you happy.

Take a yoga class

There are a lot of benefits associated with yoga. If you haven’t had time to join a class of yoga due to busy schedules, now you have the time. Hence, engage yourself in this effective form of exercise and get uplifted physically, mentally and spiritually. Add the fun with meditation with nature. It’s an excellent way to pamper yourself during a vacation.


How can a vacation end without some shopping? Even if you are not a shopaholic, shopping is a nice way to explore the place you are touring. You can use the opportunity to spoil yourself more by shopping for bags, clothes, jewellery or anything that wins your heart. Some nice gifts for the loved ones you left behind will show them that they are important to you even when you are away from home.

Treat yourself, you deserve it

The only person who can treat you just the way you like it is you. Waiting for someone to give you a treat may leave you with disappointments and heartbreaks. Avoid this by committing to take a solo vacation even if it’s just once in a year. Use that time to spoil yourself silly. Don’t worry, an overdose of self-care is harmless.

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