Surfboarding – what it is and the equipment you will need

Young Woman Surfboarding

Have you just discovered about surfing and can’t wait to experiment it for the first time? This article is meant for you. It shares crucial information about the sport and the things you will need to surf faster than you could never imagine.

If surfboarding is among the things you intend to do on your next vacation, you must be well-prepared to ensure you make the best out of your new-found sport. The impressive thing about surfing is that you get to enjoy yourself in the water viewing the beach and at the same time do some serious total-body workouts.

However, as much as surfing is exciting, the idea of just grabbing your new surfboard and getting into the waters may be kind of intimidating. You definitely need some guidance. While it’s not possible to know how your first day will turn out, an idea of how it’s like to venture into waves can be really helpful. You also need to know the things you will need.

The essential equipment you must have to go surfing

While it’s cool to have all the equipment used when surfboarding, that can lead you to empty your bank accounts. There are so many pieces of equipment that can be useful to a surfer, but buying them all at the same time would be unnecessarily expensive. Therefore, below are essential pieces of equipment you will need to do your thing. Go through them and decide the ones that can’t wait and the ones that can at least hold on a little longer.

1. Surfboarding

As a beginner, most probably you haven’t bought your surfboard yet. That’s perfectly fine because you can still rent or borrow from a friend. However, it’s important to note that a surfboard is the first equipment you will need to go surfing. For a beginner, a larger surfboard can assist you a lot better in the water. If you are not ready to spend a fortune on a new surfboard, a used one can still serve the purpose. When buying a surfboard, make sure you ask all the questions you may have about it and how it’s used. That’s why they are there, they will be glad to help.

2. Surf leash

Surf leash is another equipment you must-have when surfing. It is a potential lifesaver and it’s also affordable. Enough reasons to own one. Experts recommend you go for a surf leash that is the same length as your surfboard. It will protect you from getting hit by the board and allow you enough space to move when you fall off. Remember to have swivels on your surf leash on both sides to protect your legs from being tangled by the leash.

3. Good-quality wetsuit

When shopping for a good wetsuit, don’t be carried away by fancy adverts. Hence, you must set your budget and stick to it. Then do your research and check prices from various dealers until you get what you are looking for. But before you get carried away by the beauty of that fabulous wetsuit, make sure it can do its job pretty well. A good wetsuit should be able to protect you from elements.

4. Earplugs

Are you planning to surf in cold water? Well, you will surely need earplugs. Failing to use earplugs when surfing in cold water puts you at risk of developing surfer’s ear. It is a condition where small bones begin to develop in the ear channel. Apart from the condition is painful, it can also lead to loss of hearing. You surely don’t want to lose your hearing through a leisure activity. Thus, love yourself more and invest in good earplugs and ensure you are always using them when surfboarding in cold water.

5. Surf wax

You will need some surfboard wax not unless yours has a traction pad. The wax adds some texture to the surfboard to protect you from slipping around the surfboard when enjoying this amazing sport. So, before you jump into the water, make sure you apply the wax on the areas your feet will occupy. And again, don’t you want to look like a pro applying some wax on your newly acquired surfboard?

6. Sunscreen

You can still have a good time surfing with your surfboard and a wetsuit but sunscreen is equally vital. You need to protect the largest organ in your body. If you continue surfing without taking care of your skin, soon you will have to deal with wrinkles, skin discolouration and other skin problems. In severe situations, you may risk developing skin cancer. Please, protect yourself when enjoying your sport. You are precious.

7. Surf travel bag

Hey! You need a surf travel bag, otherwise, where will you pack your equipment when travelling? If the prices of new surf bags scare you, used ones can be a good alternative. Even if you are not going to buy it immediately, put it on top of your wish list.


Surfboarding is an amazing sport that you should not fail to try it out. Don’t give up for the first time if the sport feels a little rough. Practice makes perfect. You will soon become an expert as well.

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