The Midland Hotel in Manchester

If you love travelling, getaways or simply taking a vacation, then you definitely love fine things in life. Therefore, choosing a good hotel should top up the list of the things you intend to consider when planning for your vacation. Remember this is the place you will spend your nights whether alone or with your loved ones. It is also the place you will get to rest, relax and enjoy after your day’s activities. If the hotel service is great, then your getaway will be a memorable one.

As a tourist, the biggest decision you will make is to check-in in a good hotel. You’ll have enough time to rest and freshen up. You’ll also enjoy your meals and drinks without a care in the world. So, this review shares why you won’t be disappointed if you choose to seek the services of this hotel.

Why you should choose The Midland Hotel during your next tour

There are so many reasons why this hotel is a favourite to many tourists as well as business people. Its ambiance is breathtaking to begin with. In addition to that, the below qualities, assures you that selecting this hotel is the best decision you can make for yourself, family members or even friends.

Perfect location

One of the most impressive features about this hotel is its good location. The place is even accessible through public transport. From your hotel room, you will be privileged to have the best view of the busy city. It will also be very easy for you to visit various places such as the main attractions without unnecessary hassles. With convenient and affordable transportation services, you don’t have an excuse why you shouldn’t enjoy your tour. Here you get an opportunity to run your errands such as shopping and visiting attraction sites without spending a fortune.

Great service

Who doesn’t like great and genuinely warm service during their stay? It is probably the reason you left your home and your normal daily routines. It could also be the reason you convinced your group of friends or family members to join you. The beauty of this hotel staff members is that they understand you are here to have some stress-free and good times. They are professionally trained to handle visitors with different needs. Their friendly and caring staff will ensure that your stay in this hotel is one of a kind. In fact, their sole responsibility here is to make your stay in this hotel cozier than you had imagined. They will even go an extra mile to offer the items and services they anticipate you may need even if you don’t ask for them.

Furthermore, their staff are well-versed with information about everything you need in Manchester. They will advise you on the best places to visit and at what time. For instance, they are the best people to tell you where to go in case you intend to surprise your spouse, view the sunset and the like. There is nothing precious to a tourist than honest piece of information and that’s exactly what you will get here. The hotel also provides some extra-care facilities like wifi, secure car parking area, laundry services etc. By the time you are leaving here, you will already be planning for your next vacation in this same hotel!

Tasty meals

A stay in a hotel cannot be memorable if the food was terrible. That’s why this hotel have ensured they have the best executive chef to ensure your meals are not only tasty but well-balanced. All their meals are always served on time. Imagine rolling out of the bed, going straight to the restaurant and serving yourself a jaw-dropping breakfast? That would be amazing. This is one place you get to enjoy a delicacy that you just can’t get enough of it.

Superb rooms

Another thing that makes this hotel to stand out is the spacious and comfortable rooms they have. If you are planning a vacation with your family members, this hotel won’t disappoint you. It has more than enough space to make you and your loved ones feel at home away from home.

Besides, the hotel rooms are sparkling clean and beautifully decorated. The cloak rooms perfectly set and smelling nice. The beds and beddings are awesome. They have these big, soft and fluffy beds comfortable enough to ensure you have a quality goodnight’s sleep. The neatness doesn’t stop in the rooms only. The whole hotel right from the reception area, restaurant to the washrooms are well taken care of. If you are intending to come over with your toddlers, you won’t have to worry if your babies want to crawl. The floor is always spotless clean. When you are a guest in this hotel, you are guaranteed of enjoying your stay as though it was your home.


As a tourist, you want to stay in a place you are sure of your security. You don’t want to remember your last vacation as the time you lost your money, bags, valuable items or almost your dear life! This hotel understands your fears too well and that’s why they ensure your safety comes first. The hotel entrance is manned by security personnel 24/7 and everybody gaining access to the hotel area has to go through security check. This is done to ensure the visitors are safe during their stay here.

The bottom line

Even with increased demand for this hotel, their services have not been compromised. They continue to offer the same great and wonderful services to their guests which have made them return again and again. Over their years of services, they continue to put the above esteemed principles into action to ensure their guests enjoy a wonderful time in their hotel. This hotel is surely one of the best places to rest after a day full of fun activities during your vacations.

Contact Info

The Midland Hotel Manchester

Address: 16 Peter Street, Manchester, M60 2DS
Phone: +44 161 236 3333