9 things that annoy flight attendants

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When you get into the flight and get welcomed by air hostesses, do you even imagine that they also have their own share of problems? Don’t be fooled by their smart looks and bold smiles. These are human beings who also get angry and frustrated over various issues just like you do. It is just that they are properly trained to hide their frustrations from the passengers and always serve them diligently.

Flight attendants go through many challenges just to keep their jobs. They may look cheerful and excited when attending to you but in the reality could surprise you. If you wouldn’t want to be a pain to their neck next time you fly, this post is meant for you. It shares the nasty things that annoy flight attendants even when they don’t tell.

What exactly annoy flight attendants?

Here is a complete answer to this question.

1. Asking for things during takeoff

If you didn’t know, takeoff is the most stressful moment for flight attendants. This is the time they are supposed to observe all the necessary safety precautions. If you start asking for water during such a time, then you are already making their job harder. Not unless it is an emergency, please wait until takeoff then you can ask for whatever you needed. The crew will actually serve you better because their mind is not preoccupied with other urgent things.

2. Ignoring safety rules

Some people may argue that the customer is always right but in this context, you need to listen to the flight attendants. While it isn’t a bad idea to stretch your legs a little bit if the attendant tells you to fasten your seatbelt, do so. Some passengers go as far as using a blanket to hide their seatbelts so that the flight attendants won’t know whether they have latched their seatbelts or not. That is so unwise of you and if you get injured after failing to adhere to the flight’s safety rules, you have no one to blame. You also lose the right to file a lawsuit. The rules are not set to harass you, they are meant to help you stay safe during your journey.

3. Making demands

The flight attendants are there to serve you and ensure you are comfortable while flying. But even at that, must you demand the services? Being a little considerate, empathetic and courteous while requesting for something or making your orders won’t degrade you, in fact, you will have saved someone unnecessary stress.

4. When ordering food and drinks

Apart from serving you food and drinks, the attendants have many other roles to play. When you take forever to decide on what to order, you are wasting their precious time. Even if you haven’t seen what is in her cart even after she has walked down the aisle a whole 20 minutes, you still don’t have a reason to take ages to decide on what to eat or drink.

Another annoying thing that passengers do when ordering meals is doing so with earphones on their ears. The passenger ends up shouting to be convinced the attendant have heard him/her. If you are guilty of this, save yourself the stress to scream just to get a drink. Plus that’s the last thing the attendant needs. Unplug your earphones and place your order. You will save yourself the energy to shout and you won’t annoy an innocent person whose aim is to make your trip comfortable.

5. Passengers who refuse to move

When families get separate seats during the boarding process, the attendants are left with the task to help these families get the same seats. If you are traveling alone and the cabin crew politely requests you to change seats, don’t feel offended. The crew is just trying to help that family travel together. Therefore, if you are in a position to help out, help. Don’t let it reach it to a point whereby you are forced to move and create an unnecessary commotion.

6. Refusing to turn off electronic gadgets

It is very immature to keep on arguing with the cabin crew because you have refused to switch off your phone or laptop. Some passengers particularly those travelling for business argue that they have a lot of emails to write. However busy you are, be sure to cooperate with the attendants. There is no point in proving to be difficult only to find yourself in trouble with the authorities.

7. Snapping

No one likes being snapped at to get their attention including the flight attendants. There are so many polite ways you can use to get the attention of the attendants other than snapping. Don’t assume that the attendant is not seeing you. Just because she hasn’t come to attend to you doesn’t mean she isn’t seeing you. She is probably serving another passenger before coming to you. A little patience won’t ruin anything.

On the same note, ringing the flight attendant call button multiple times is super annoying. If you don’t get attention the first time, pressing the button the second or third time is absolutely okay. Anything beyond that is not only annoying but it portrays you as a very arrogant person.

8. Exercising at the gallery or aisles

We understand you love to exercise but can’t the session wait until you reach your destination? That space you are using to do your yoga is the same space the attendants are using to do their job. If you don’t need the services of the flight attendants, other passengers do. Be kind enough and allow the attendants to move with ease. That’s all they are asking from you. Otherwise, it is not fun to keep on looking for a place to pass simply because you are in the middle of your yoga and meditation session.

9. Taking your pet out of its carrier

If you are going to travel with your pet, then don’t remove it from the approved carrier cage it is travelling in. For your pet’s comfort, get a cage with enough space for it to lie down or stand up with ease. At times, you can unzip the carrier and soothe your pet but at no point should you remove it from the carrier.

The bottom line

You don’t have to make someone go through hell when serving you. Making it difficult for the attendants to carry out their duties will only make things difficult for both of you. You will get better services if you allow them to do their job with ease. These men and women are there to serve you and make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable. Then, why would you be so mean to frustrate them?

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