Essential things you need to know before your maiden flight

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If you are planning to travel by air during your next trip and you are a first-time flyer, this post is meant for you. While many people these days travel even before they celebrate their first birthday, there are still many who have not flown on an airplane until their adult life. If you are like them, the last thing you want is to walk into the airport without a clue of what to expect.

Even if you are super excited to board a flight for the first time, you shouldn’t forget that this is a new experience for you. You, therefore, need to learn how flying feels like and get over the initial hurdles. For that reason, here are top tips to help you get prepared, minimize discomforts associated with flying and ensure your first flying experience is one to remember.

Have your documents ready

This should be the first thing you need to take care of. The documents to have will entirely depend on where you are going. If it is an international trip, then you will need a visa and a passport. To avoid disappointment or getting overwhelmed the last minute, make sure you enquire all the documents you will need to have for your trip to be a success. Have the documents ready on time and pack them at a place you are sure you won’t forget. Also, arrive at the airport early so that you can have enough time to check-in and confirm your documents are in good order.

Pack essentials in your carry on

In order to enjoy your trip, there are certain essentials you should pack in your carry-on bag. Although everyone’s comfort and convenience differs, below are some of the items every frequent flyer swears by.

Noise-cancelling earphones

Since it’s your first time to fly, you may want to stay awake and experience things as they unfold. While this is possible with a short time flight particularly during the daytime, when it comes to long flights, you may get tired and wish to sleep. Probably you are thinking that a flight is a haven, but it may interest you to know that that place can be very noisy from kids crying to people walking around. Thus, if you would like to get some sleep, you need to get a pair of noise-cancelling earphones. The earphones enable you to sleep even when the flight is noisy. You can also use the earphones to listen to music without any disruption.

Neck pillow

Another item you should pack for your comfort is a neck pillow. The pillow is designed to give your neck and head the support they need during your journey. Instead of dealing with neck pains and aches days after your flight, save yourself the agony and buy a good quality neck pillow. You can easily get one at the airport but the price won’t be favourable. If you want to save some money, consider buying it online or at the store near you.


Maybe you have heard that flights offer very delicious meals. While this is true to some extent if you don’t want to deal with hunger pangs especially if you going on a long trip, pack enough healthy snacks. Otherwise, what will happen if you get hungry in-between meals or dislike the food being served on board? You need to have a plan B just in case things don’t go the way you had anticipated. Just make sure the snacks you are packing don’t take much of your space.


Although most airlines provide a blanket, don’t relay too much on it. Flights can really get cold and you need to be well prepared to deal with the cold. If you don’t want to carry a blanket, then consider bringing along a warm hoodie so that when it gets colder, your jumper can keep you warm and give you the much-needed comfort.

Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol

Of course, you want to enjoy the free alcoholic drinks generously being served by the flight attendants. After all, it’s included in your flight price and so you want to utilize every coin you paid for. But do you know something? Alcohol together with the already recycled dry air in the plane will get you dehydrated faster than you thought. If you get dehydrated, you will feel tired, weak and even end up with a severe headache. If these are not the symptoms you want to deal with during your first flight, then forgo alcohol and replace it with plenty of non-alcoholic drinks with water being the best option. Don’t be afraid you will have to visit the loo a lot more if you drink water, it’s better than to deal with dehydration.

Dress comfortable outfits

Maybe you want to make an impression for your first flight and so you decide to dress in your best suit or fitting dress. While these outfits will look gorgeous on your selfies, you might end up hating them halfway to your destination. If you want to have a good time, pack those beautiful outfits and high heels in your suitcase. You will wear them when you reach your destination. Then, dress in outfits that are roomy, comfortable and warm. For instance, an organic cotton jumper can keep you warmer and enable you to catch some sleep.

As for the shoes, carry your flip-flops as well. Wearing shoes during a long flight can be very uncomfortable. Flip-flops are particularly important when you have removed your shoes and you want to walk in the plane. You shouldn’t walk around barefoot or even in your socks. The carpet may look clean but germs wise it isn’t. People walk on it with dirty shoes, others spit or vomit on it and don’t forget food spillage too. Therefore, no matter how clean the carpet looks, don’t walk with your bare feet. Have some respect for your clean feet.

Listen to the flight attendants

The flight attendants are the ones in charge and you need to listen to them. If you have a query, you do not have to disturb your seatmate who is most likely a total stranger to you. Just ask one of the flight attendants and he/she will be glad to help. You don’t have to deal with discomfort while a solution giver is around you. Speak up and get some help.

Fly for the first time like a pro

Flying is an awesome experience even to the frequent fliers. Viewing everything from a bird’s angle is incredible. Although if you aren’t well prepared you can end up having the worst moment in your life, with the inspiration above, you are guaranteed to have a good time during your first time to fly. So, prepare yourself accordingly and enjoy your maiden flight from boarding to the landing just the same way veterans do.

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