Things to know when travelling by air

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We all have to travel by air for various reasons such as visiting our loved ones, work-related or for leisure. Whichever reason you choose to travel by air, it’s important to ensure your safety while onboard. Imagine going for a vacation only to reach your destination feeling terribly sick? You will not only fail to enjoy your holiday, but the whole issue can be stressful and expensive. So, if you are planning to book a flight for a getaway soon, here are things you may need to put into consideration to ensure you arrive at your destination safe and on time.

Tips to travel safely

Since you are going for a holiday, you surely deserve a good experience right from your journey to your destination and back. If you want to get the best out of your flight experience, here are tips you should make use of.

Avoid peak days

If you can, avoid scheduling your flight during peak days. Larger crowds will always lead to chaotic parking and drop-offs. Plus, you will have to deal with long queues at the security checkpoint. When booking for your flight, be smart. Expect Fridays, Mondays and long weekends to be busier. Airports also become crowded between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. If crowded places are not your cup of tea, plan accordingly. However, if you have scheduled your vacation during festivities, then you may not have a choice than to deal with overcrowded airports.

Be on time

Nothing is inconveniencing than being late to check-in. Save yourself the trouble and check in to your flight ahead of time. This will give you peace of mind, save you time at the airport and you could even secure a better seat.

Pack accordingly

When using a flight, packing your luggage is vital. Make sure you pack the essentials such as prescription medicine, a change of clothes, a cell phone charger and necessary paperwork among other items in your carry-on. This can be of great help if your checked bags are delayed or in worse situation got lost. With your essentials at hand, you can get through security and check into your hotel as you sort out about the other luggage. If your luggage gets lost, your airline can pay you. However, you must file your claims before the deadline and submit them before you leave the airport. You might also get a refund of all the unexpected expenses you’ve incurred as a result of the lost luggage. Hence, keep all the receipts for proof just in case.

Wear sunblock

Did you know that flying those friendly skies isn’t always good on your skin? Well, as a smart traveller, protect the largest organ in your body so that in return, it can protect other internal organs. If you are a frequent flier and you fail to wear sunblock, then you put yourself at the risk of contracting malignant melanoma-a type of skin cancer that develops from pigment-producing cells called melanocytes.

Don’t walk around barefoot

When the flight takes off and everything is fine, you might be tempted to walk around barefoot but please, don’t do that. A frank flight attendant can tell you that that smooth carpet you see is full of germs. From spilt food and drinks to vomit and blood spillage which all land on the carpet can make the carpet very dirty. Although the carpet is cleaned, not enough for you to walk barefoot least you come out of your flight with an infection. Furthermore, you could also get injured from sharp pieces of broken glasses. So every time, you are going to the bathroom or the gallery, put your shoes on, they are meant to protect your feet.

Don’t sit on your entire journey

Walking around or just standing up to stretch for a few minutes greatly reduces your risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). It is a type of blood clot which forms in your legs as a result of not moving for a long time. So long as you have your shoes on, just walk around and stretch your legs a little bit. Once every hour will be perfect. Also, try to wear relaxing clothes because tight clothes can cut off blood circulation while in flight. Make yourself comfortable so that even when you finally reach your destination you will not be too tired to begin enjoying your long-awaited holiday.

When you need to consult your doctor

At times, you may be required to work with your doctor to evaluate your health before scheduling your flight if you:

  • Have recently had a surgery
  • Are pregnant
  • Have recently suffered from a heart attack or stroke
  • Have severe sinus, ear or nose infection
  • Uncontrolled psychotic illness
  • Have sickle cell
  • Suffering from severe chronic respiratory disease
  • Have chronic illness

Make sure you see your doctor at least a month before your travel. This will give your doctor ample time to run any necessary tests and give you the results at the right time. If you are given a go-ahead, then you can plan for your flight dates.

Remember to pack enough medicine for the time you will be away from home. Some little extra can really help if you decide to extend your stay. Also, remember to check with the country you intend to visit to ensure your prescription medicines are permitted. When your health is sorted out, you are guaranteed to have fun during your holiday.

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