Tips to enjoy a long road trip with kids

Two cheerful kids on a car backseat

Kids are special beings in our lives. Although at times they can have crazy demands, they are part of us and we are glad to have them. Planning a road trip with kids is not very easy but it is still doable when you are equipped with the right information.

Unlike planning a road trip with adults who may not be so complicated, when it comes to road tripping with kids, you have to be extra cautious. Kids are very sensitive and if you mess up something however little it is, the whole trip can turn out to be a nightmare.

If you have been enjoying road trips without kids or you once did with kids and the experience was not very pleasant, then here are tips that can help you enjoy road tripping with the little ones. If you follow these tips, you will be surprised by how your family road trips become one of your favourite adventures.

Maintain your calm

If there is one thing you need to do when travelling with kids is to maintain your calmness no matter the situation. A lot of things will happen along the way. You are likely to forget something probably in a restaurant you passed by to have a meal. You may also forget to make your hotel reservations because kids have kept you busy all the time. It is not even a wonder to misplace some essential documents. Whichever the situation you find yourself in, make sure you maintain your chill. It is an awesome way to show the kids that the adventures involved in road-tripping are worth the hustle. Plus kids read your mood, if you are pressurized, they are likely to emulate the same. If they do so, then you will have a hard time managing them.

When you are relaxed and in good mood, you will be in a good position to enjoy the gorgeous scenery up close instead of being unsettled and wondering when you will reach your destination. The sweet thing about choosing to travel on road other than taking a flight is to enjoy the beauty of the location you are passing by. Otherwise, you would have taken a flight and arrived at your destination faster. Therefore, make sure you don’t ruin the moment simply because you are unsettled.

Pack enough snacks and water

Just the way children enjoy snacking at home or in school is the same way they will enjoy indulging in healthy delicious snacks during the trip. Be sure to pack enough snacks for the trip if you aren’t sure you can get some additions along the way. Besides, it is better to have enough snacks before you leave home because you might be expecting to buy more in a certain store along the way only to find they are closed or out of stock. Taking chances with kids is definitely not the way to go.

As for water, do not limit the kids’ consumption because you don’t want to have a lot of bathroom breaks. You all need to keep hydrated if you don’t want to deal with the problems associated with dehydration during the trip and days after. Thus, make sure everyone on board is well hydrated before and during the trip.

Be flexible

Flexibility is a key trait when road tripping with kids. Do not feel frustrated if the trip takes longer than you had anticipated or you make more stopovers than the ones you do when kids are not involved. Just try and make lemonade out of the lemon. Utilize that moment to enjoy the beautiful views you normally don’t have time for when you are in the company of other adults. In general, flexibility will make your trip turn out to be a very interesting one.

Declutter the car

You definitely have to pack a lot of things for the journey ahead but even at that, do not overdo it. You and other occupants need a clean environment if they are going to enjoy the trip. Hence, try as much as you can to clear messes as fast as they happen and toss trash at every stop. A clutter-free car will make everyone to stay calmer and comfortable.

Be patient

Another trait you need to carry with you when traveling on a road with kids is patience. A distance you have usually covered within a few hours can take a whole day when kids are involved. This is something that can really ruin your mood if you are not patient. Remember you have to take many breaks for many reasons such as bathroom breaks, buying more snacks or even resting for a while before proceeding. Unlike adults who can manage long trips without major issues, kids tend to get tired faster and start wondering when they will reach their destination.

If you are not patient with them, then you may feel like you are having the worst moment in your life. The best thing is to play along with them so that they can also enjoy the trip. If they want you to stop somewhere to view something, even if whatever they want to see does not seem important to you, please, for the sake of their happiness, pull over and let them be. When the kids are happy and contented, they will give you an easy time throughout the trip.

Begin your trip in the morning

When going on a long road trip with kids, begin your journey in the morning. This will give you ample time to reach your destination without worrying about being late. A good road trip should have enough time for kids to run, crawl and stretch those legs during bathroom breaks. You should also be able to pullover after every 3 hours or even more frequently either to just stretch or explore the beauty of that part of the country. This is something that can make kids enjoy the trip and forget about the many miles ahead of them.

Why not have fun when road tripping with kids?

As you have read, whether this is something you have to do due to the circumstances involved, you can still have a good time road tripping with those young travelers. If you plan yourself accordingly and make good use of these tips, then you don’t actually have to survive it because you will have every reason to enjoy your road trip. Interestingly, if you know how to handle kids, then you can have one of your most memorable road trips. You just need to relax and let things flow. Be patient, flexible and above all minimize your expectations. Those are the traits that will keep you away from disappointments and give you a bigger room to have fun.

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