Tips to vacation safely amid the pandemic

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During the pandemic, everyone is expected to stay home and only leave when it is the only choice. While you can work at home, it is not possible to take a vacation in your home. You need to get out and travel to the destination of choice.

Staring at the same environment for months is no longer funny. Whether you have upgraded the house and now it looks like a haven, you and your loved ones still are ready for a change of scenery. It was amazing to spend time in your house since you had ample time to take care of things you had been postponing due to tight schedules but even at that, there is time for everything and it is now time take a vacation.

Taking a vacation is as important as any other duty in someone’s life such as going to work or school. We all need time to relax and unwind. Therefore, do not feel like you do not care about yourself and others when you decide to hit the road and go on a vacation. As long as you know how to keep yourself safe, there is nothing to worry about. You can enjoy your vacation to the maximum.

Safety tips to any vacation during the pandemic

If you are feeling the urge to go on a holiday, please remember the pandemic is still here with us and it is upon you to protect yourself and others. As you hit the road, be sure to take some precautionary measures so that you don’t end up regretting your choices when it’s too late. Coronavirus is a serious pandemic that has claimed many lives, you do not have to be among the number. In that regard, here are practical tips to help you travel and enjoy your vacation safely.

Choose a less risky vacation option

Initially, when the coronavirus pandemic was unheard of, there are so many places you could have chosen to go on a vacation. But now things have changed and you have to be very cautious before leaving your home in the name of taking a vacation. Fortunately, there are many options of least risky places you and your family can choose to go on a vacation. For example, this is a good time to go camping and hiking in the countryside. Here, you are less likely to meet people and when you do, they are few and so it will be easy to maintain the required physical distance. Alternatively, you can also visit a nearby park and spend your Sunday afternoon there. However, this option should only be applicable if the park is not crowded. Make sure you carry enough food and snacks for everyone.

Avoid eating inside a restaurant

Times have changed and you have to change too if you are going to stay safe during this pandemic era. Enjoying a meal inside a restaurant has never been a problem but now it is. The virus is believed to be more infectious in closed environments particularly when the place is crowded. Hence, do your research well and only go to restaurants and bars that offer their meals and drinks in an open space. It won’t be difficult to get one because most of them have done this arrangement to help control the spread of the virus and to attract more customers. A lot of businesses have been affected by the pandemic and they are all looking for ways to make their business thrive even amid the pandemic, restaurants and bars included.

Avoid cross border destination

While flying to another country or continent just to go on vacation seems cool, it may not be a very good idea during the pandemic. As much as you are yearning for a change of scenery, your health and that of people who matter to you is paramount. Instead of going on a vacation in another country and end up contracting the virus, how about you choose a beautiful destination within your locality. There are actually many gorgeous sites you haven’t explored yet. This is a good time to give them your attention.

This doesn’t mean you should not necessarily go to another country altogether. Countries without quarantine measure and the ones with the measures but their rate of infection is high should be avoided completely for now. Beyond that, if you have toddlers and kids, avoid such long trips. As you know, kids love to play a lot and they can’t keep to one place. Thus, it will be difficult to prevent them from touching people and places. Do not be the parent who exposed his family to the virus, be the one who is trying every way possible to protect them. It is therefore recommended to leave such journeys when travelling solo or with your adult friends.

Take extra care when booking for accommodation

This is not a very good time to book a hostel. Although the owners of these hostels are doing everything possible to keep these places clean and germs free, some travellers using these facilities don’t give a damn about the virus. If you can, consider getting a hotel room so that you can avoid sharing amenities such as bathrooms and restrooms. While at the hotel, avoid relaxing at the lounge because other guests are using the same space and you don’t know their status. During meals time, you can request for room service or request your meals be served at the pool area just to avoid going to the restaurant. Also, you can choose to take your meals before other guests come in and crowd the place.

Consider getting a test

The coronavirus is very contagious and it can take days to weeks before the symptoms develop. You could also be an asymptomatic carrier and fail to show any symptoms. Either way, taking a test before and after your vacation will help you know your status. If you are already infected, then you can seek medical help on time. Knowing your status even before the symptoms show up will help you protect yourself and the people around you.

Bring your facemask and hand sanitizer

The best way to protect yourself from the pandemic is to avoid being in flocked areas. Even at that, as long as you are not in your home, you will still meet people. That’s why you should bring your facemask and put it on properly every time you are interacting with people. Also, have your sanitizer at hand and sanitize your hands often especially if you touch places such as doorknobs.

It is safe to travel during the pandemic

The pandemic has been here for a while and its high time people learn to live with it before the vaccine does its magic. Travelling is part of life and you cannot stay in your home forever. As you take your vacation, take all the precautionary measures even if those around you choose not to. Wear your mask properly, avoid crowded areas, social distance, wash your hands frequently and avoid destinations with a big number of infections.

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