In the age of advancement, technology, anxiety and race of being better than others, our hobbies and dreams are the things that keep us moving in all the thick and thin situations. People have all sort of dreams and they strive to turn them into reality or live the life of their dreams. Why do they keep us moving forward? The only reason behind that is because we love the time we are pursuing our hobby or dream. We become our true self who seek happiness from his hobbies and dreams. It gives us true joy, contentment and the feeling of gratification from our life.

Dreams could be your life long achievements like milestones or your wishful desire to be like someone, achieve something or do something in your life. For instance, people who dream to become rich are dreaming for a milestone, but those who dream to pursue their hobby as their lifelong plan like a traveler or a photographer etc, are hoping to live a wishful life.

Like many, I am a traveller and would have given a leg and a foot, had anyone offered me a travelling chance to roam around the world, when I was young. Just like me, many people dream to travel around the globe and they all have their own influences and likes for such a dream. I always loved travelling because of my burning curiosity about different cultures, languages, their food, history, architecture, norms and traditions.

But to pursue such a hobby, one needs to have flowing cash which may not be the case for many travelers. So, I would like to share the tips I gathered, over the years of experience. All you have to do is to find a relevant job that can not only let you travel around but may also pay you in return. With this strategy, you can live the life of your dream and you would not be penniless either, which I assure you is more fun, for obvious reasons.

Here are few ideas of jobs that I hope can interest you while you could also pursue your traveling around the beautiful world, dream.

Peace Corps Volunteer

One way to get a chance to travel to assorted locations in the world is to join the Peace Corps as Volunteer. It is a double dream achiever job as every one of us has a compassionate heart and we always wish to do some kind of philanthropy or social work. This job is a win-win for those as you help the needy, you get a stipend + accommodation and you also get the chance to travel around.


Another handy job is of the bartender. You can travel around to any of those countries where you can locate bars easily under almost all hoods because they are always in need of experienced hands and services. This way, you will get to travel to many developed countries and get money and accommodation too.

Truck Driver

To make road trips to different locations, one needs to have the burning edge for lone time to enjoy the serenity of nature and the world. One ideal job for such a dream is to be a Truck Driver. You can have your own conveyance, can travel around and get heavily paid too. Just make sure you have an international license for that.

Water-ski or Scuba Instructor

If one of your lifelong dreams is to dive in the depths of Great Barrier Reef in Australia and you are good at diving and swimming and can also teach around you, then the ideal job for you is to opt for water-ski or scuba instructor job. Just learn advance tricks and tactics and get a license of an instructor and then you are free to roam around the globe to teach and also get paid for your job.


If you are good with a 2nd language as equal to your native one, then another of the well paid and lavish job that can also let you travel around the globe with your employer is as Interpreter.

Work in a Government Related Position

The best job that can make you travel around and actually let you enjoy the customary differences of the countries is to be a diplomat, or to be a part of the delegation as a government officer from your country to another.

Flight Attendant

One way of travelling to different countries is to become a flight attendant. This may be very restricting depending on the airline company policies but still, you will get to see the world’s famous airports around the globe, meet different people and enjoy their customs while you are getting paid for it too.

Work on a Cruise Ship

If you wish to travel no matter what, and have no sea sickness, then one ideal job for you is to get hired on a cruise. This will let you be with the travelers for many days in the oceans, you can see different cultures and also get paid and feed.

Photograpy & film maker

If you have a hobby of photography and you also wish to travel around, then blend your hobby and dream. Seek a job in any magazine to bring them pictures from around the globe which will finance your trips and let you cherish your hobby and dream both.

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