Top reasons to holiday in Adelaide

Adelaide sunset

Adelaide is one gorgeous destination you can’t fail to have satisfying reasons to tour any day. With so much to offer both residents and tourists, this is one place you should purpose to visit even if it’s once in your lifetime.

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and the fifth-largest capital city in Australia. Due to this city’s elegant colonial heritage, unique culture, and colourful natural scenes, this is a perfect destination when you want to create life-long beautiful memories from your trip.

From beaches, vineyards, culture to history, Adelaide is quickly making a name for itself as a popular tourist attraction destination. More travellers continue to frequent this charming capital to quench their travel thirst and Adelaide has not disappointed them.

If you want to take a closer look at this South Australian capital, here are a few reasons why you ought to travel to Adelaide soon.

Breathtaking sceneries

Adelaide may be smaller than Sydney and Melbourne in terms of size but it still has so much to offer the travellers with a better value for your money. Another impressive thing about Adelaide is that it has fantastic open spaces, parks, and wide boulevards. If you top this with the numerous surrounding hills to the east and beaches to the west, Adelaide is surely a perfect place to go on a holiday on any day.

While most attractions are located within walking distances, it would still be ideal to get a centrally located hotel to maximize your visit. If you don’t want to explore Adelaide on foot, you can as well use a bike. Adelaide is also great for cycling. You can use a bike to explore numerous places within a short time. The cycling paths are well-maintained and if you don’t have your own bike, you can get one for hire. Get yourself a bike and cycle along the Torrens River through the botanical gardens and parklands.

Rich history and culture

The rich history and culture of Adelaide can make you want to become a resident. A lot of interesting things happened in the past and up to date, Adelaide is still famous for their courtesy. If you didn’t know, Adelaide was the first place in the world to give women the right to vote; something that many women cherish up to date. Adelaide is also the first place to eradicate capital punishment, racial discrimination and recognize aboriginal land rights.

These are just a few of the things that can clearly show you that there are more than enough things to explore in Adelaide in matters regarding culture and history. Beyond, Adelaide is known for its suburbs and festivals, and no wonder some people refer to it as the festival capital of Australia.

A lot happens in Adelaide from sporting events, festivals, night markets, and even family festivals. When it comes to Adelaide, there is usually a festival to entertain you. However, if it’s festivals that are majorly bringing you to Adelaide, March is a great time.

Mouthwatering delicacies

You can’t come to Adelaide and fail to appreciate their tasty cuisine. Whether you want to enjoy fine dining in a world-class restaurant or the many available food trucks or pop-up stalls, you can be guaranteed to get finger-licking dishes in Adelaide.

As for a bottle of wine, there are several world-class wineries situated just outside Adelaide. Those wineries produce some of the best wines in Australia as well as in the entire world. For bar-hopping, be sure to visit Clare Valley, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, and Mclaren Vale. And even as you enjoy yourself to the fullest, remember to get a bottle of wine to take back to your loved ones. They also deserve to indulge in fine wines. Or don’t you think so?

Great accommodation options

Adelaide has accommodation options for travellers of all budgets. If you are out and about to spoil yourself with a luxurious holiday, Adelaide is home to some of the award-winning sophisticated hotels with a global level of tranquility.

This is one destination you can easily get a damn good hotel room within the CBD or a few meters away. Though the cost of accommodation will depend on the standard of the hotel you choose, in general, most hotels in Adelaide have amazing amenities and great service. And, more new hotels continue to open their doors to visitors like you. You surely will get a place to envy when you decide to tour Adelaide regardless of your type of visit.

Incredible gaming

If you want to experience gaming with a little touch of class, plan for a vacation or at least a weekend getaway to Adelaide and ensure Adelaide Casino tops your list of things to do in Adelaide. The casino is situated at the historic Adelaide Railway Station which was built in 1856. So here you will be experiencing gaming with a touch of history. This particular casino has plenty of table games and slots. And if you aren’t so much into gaming, you can then stroll around as you admire this epic structure. This makes it a perfect place when you and your partner aren’t really into the same interests. As one plays the game, the other one will be busy admiring the surrounding. At the end of the day, no one will feel wasted or feel guilty for being selfish.

Adelaide central market

When you visit Adelaide, make sure you visit Adelaide’s most lively central market. This is where the freshest organic produce of the country is bought for sale. Bring along a carrier bag to put the souvenirs and local finds you’ll find interesting to purchase. But don’t fail to come because you aren’t planning to buy anything. This is also a good place to get to interact with the locals and learn more about Adelaide culture.

Swim with dolphins

If seeing dolphins alone is fascinating, how then can you feel if given a chance to swim with them? Answer this question by travelling to Adelaide where people with dolphins. Many travel companies offer dolphin tours. You can book with one and enjoy a few hours of being in the water with dolphins. However, kindly note that dolphins’ moon is determined by numerous factors. So, you can’t really predict how playful the dolphins will be when touring. Don’t go with so many expectations only to find the dolphins moody. This can ruin your experience.

More to love about Adelaide

Adelaide is among the most likable cities in the world. Many tourists who come here without many expectations end up either extending their visit or arranging a comeback sooner than they would have thought off. Furthermore, Adelaide is a gateway to some of the world-popular destinations such as Kangaroo Island and famous wine regions in Australia including McLaren, Vale, Clare Valley, and Barossa Valley. The city also offers a relaxing and restful environment to tourists who just want to enjoy a fulfilling vacation. In short, Adelaide is the city under the sun that has it all.

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