Top reasons to visit Hamburg right now

hamburg canals view

Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany. Situated somewhere in northern Germany, Hamburg is a city worth your visit anytime you plan a trip to Germany. It has a great personality and a visit here is worth your time and resources.

The city of Hamburg has its individual charm rare to find in other cities around Germany including Berlin. No wonder many travellers are obsessed with this city. It’s a city with a magical maritime spirit and an urban metropolis with a rich history and a harbor vibe.

There are actually countless reasons to visit Hamburg. In fact, it’s impossible to highlight them all in just one post. But for the sake of writing this post, here are the top reasons why Hamburg should top your travel list today.

It’s super unique

Hamburg is indeed a unique city. Imagine it’s mainly built on water? It is close to two seas and is home to three rivers, that is Alster, Bille, and the Elbe. And that’s not all, there are also numerous canals and waterways. Most buildings here are constructed in the water. Bridges are the major connecting factors from one destination to the other. So, if being around the waters all the time gives you jitters, this may not be your ideal destination. However, if you are looking to experience a river spree, come to Hamburg, there are enough rivers and water bodies to satisfy your curiosity.

hamburg historical building

Rich history

Hamburg is a city with an interesting history. The main one is the maritime history since Hamburg is located on a river connecting it to the North Sea. The city was declared an Imperial Free City in 1189 and so it enjoyed tax-free access up the Elbe River to the North Sea.

In 1321, the city joined the Hanseatic League and eventually became an essential trading hub thanks to its port and harbor. Even today, Hamburg is among the busiest ports in the whole of Europe and even many cruises include this city in their itineraries.

It’s a shoppers’ paradise

Hamburg is a wealthy city; a perfect destination for travellers who want to have a shopping spree. It has great shopping streets, countless boutiques, unique handicraft stores, flea markets, and even luxury brands. In Hamburg, you are guaranteed to get everything you want at your convenience and at its best price. After shopping, you can rest your feet as you sip a cup of coffee enjoying the beautiful view of the Alster.

Indulge in food straight from the source

One thing that makes Hamburg’s food stand out from the rest is the fact that most of its food comes straight from the source. Due to the city’s proximity to the rivers and seas, it is easier to have a constant supply of fresh fish and other kinds of seafood. Furthermore, the largest fruit-growing region is in the Altes Land Orchards south of the city. Plus Hamburg is experienced in handling luxury wares such as exotic spices, coffee, and tea direct from the sea. Hence, when you tour Hamburg, ensure you indulge in fresh Hamburg cuisines at any of the city’s high-class restaurants.


If nightlife is important for you when travelling, then don’t skip Hamburg during your German tour. You can even go to other cities during the day but ensure the night finds you in Hamburg. Here, you won’t waste your energy trying to look for a lively nightclub. There are countless bars, discos, and clubs along Europe’s longest party street; the Reeperbahn. Even the surrounding streets and squares truly come to life at night, particularly past midnight. Just come to Hamburg ready to party the entire night assured the party won’t stop before the sun rises. And who knows, it might continue even then.

Incredible culture

Hamburg is an amazing cultural destination and not even modernization has changed this. The city is home to over 50 museums where you can tour to learn more about this place’s history, beliefs, and culture.

For music lovers, there is a lot to learn from the 45 theatres, around 100 music venues, and clubs. When it comes to music and art, Hamburg is one of the biggest musical cities in the world and it doesn’t seem to be outshone by any other city any time soon.


Convenient to get around

Unlike some cities in Germany, Hamburg is easier to get around. The great infrastructure in Hamburg has created room for an efficient network of buses, metro lines, and ferries to transport people to various destinations efficiently and on time. Whether you are going for sightseeing at different places or heading to the airport, Hamburg’s means of transport will ensure you get to your destination without wasting your time. You can easily cover the city’s major areas on foot but there is also the option of riding a bike if you like. Thus, come to Hamburg and save yourself the trouble of commuting from one place to the other. This trait also makes Hamburg a perfect destination when you are travelling with kids or the aged.

Awesome outdoor adventure

Most residents in Hamburg enjoy spending most of their time participating in outdoor adventures. This could be partly due to the favorable weather as well as the long days the city experiences during the summer. And even during the rainy weather, people still enjoy quality time with their loved ones at the numerous parks with the most popular one being Planten und Blomen park situated at the heart of the city.

If it’s the animals you want to see, there is the Hagenbeck Zoo which is the home of more than 200 different species of animals and a four-level aquarium. The other popular outdoor activity here is soccer or European football. The city has two teams; the Hamburger SV and FC St. Pauli Hamburg. Choose the one you want to cheer for.

If you just want to relax and unwind, the serene environment near the river banks of Alter Lake has got you covered. You can rest here throughout the afternoon and enjoy the fresh air. The children are not left out either; there are plenty of kids’ activities such as miniature golf and playgrounds interesting enough to keep the little travellers fully occupied most parts of the days.

hamburg interior architecture

Amazing architecture

The city of Hamburg is covered with a variety of architectural styles. This is where you’ll come across magnificent buildings such as St. Nicholas and St Michael with a provision where you can climb the bell tower to view the city. There is also the Hamburg Rathaus; a uniquely decorated building built in the late 1800s. You can also take a walk through the cobbled street of Speicherstadt and get to see the brick buildings of the warehouses. There are also bridges which are over 2,300 bridges in the city alone.

The great city of Hamburg

If you haven’t added Hamburg to your travel list yet, then please do. It’s an all-around city with something special for every type of traveller whether you are a shopaholic, a history enthusiast, or a cultural gem. This is a fantastic destination you can enjoy a vacation solo or with company and know nothing like boredom.

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