Mexico is a heaven for food lovers – 10 top street foods

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Mexico City is a heaven for food lovers. It’s the kind of place where you can easily get food at any time of day. Regardless of whether you need tamale for breakfast, a fresh juice for brunch or a taco at midnight, you’ll see it on a road corner here. The food in Mexico is quite fresh, stuffed with spice and full of flavors.


Truly “flute” shaped tortillas that have been loaded down with meat and afterward deep fried. They’re generally garnished with cheddar and crema (sort of like sour cream) and different salsas. You’ll probably never have the same flautas twice, so giving a try to them whenever you see them is recommended.


The Mexican version of the sandwich, in fact, it is more than a sandwich. Crispy and fresh bread heaped high with various meats. The most widely recognized are ham, adobo chicken, or milanese. The yummiest of them are the ones that make the sandwich and after that toast it up on the flattop grill.


Actually signifying, “little fatties”, these are like huaraches, except the dough is cut open subsequent to being cooked and then loaded up with everything yummy. You’ll locate these everywhere throughout the city and they’re fantastically economical.


Not to be mistaken for Sopas (soups), sopes resemble tacos with an edge; they are like a mini pizza. It’s generally filled with refried beans, cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions and typically whatever meat the stall owner is cooking that day. The batter is somewhat thicker than your typical taco tortillas, so it soaks up all the goodness that normally trickles out of a taco.


A definitive Mexico City snack, chicharrones is fried pig skin. You’ll see trucks everywhere throughout the city with heaps of fat, browned chicharrones piled up in a clear glad case. Order any one and be set up for questions – do you need cream? Hot sauce? Cheddar cheese? The options are really inestimable.


It’s maybe the only food that Mexico City claims to be its signature and own food, this meat is fully loaded with flavors from foreign lands. It originated from the Lebanese immigrants who brought it to Mexico City and if you walked past it in the city not realizing what it was, you may think it was a kebab shop. PASTOR is pork marinated in flavors, very finely cut and heaped onto a spit roast. It’s most popular on a taco. My personal top choice, however, is having it on a gringa – flour tortilla, pastor, and cheddar cheese.


It is corn batter which is flattened and is typically grilled on a flat top before having all way of treats spread over it. You can have them with or without meat, yet dependably make sure to taste the salsas before stacking them on top.


I don’t mean the flour tortillas loaded up with cheddar cheese that you’ve had at your nearby Tex-Mex café. Quesadillas here are totally different. They are freshly made and served with corn-based dough and you can add up any sort of filling in it. Some local top choices include huitlacoche (corn fungus) Flores de calabacín (zucchini blossoms), many times are just written as Flores on the menu card. And the best part is they are deep-fried. The best stands serve them with cream and different variety of hot salsas.


Generally a breakfast food, you would now be able to discover tamales everywhere throughout the city any time of the day. This dish goes back to the Aztec and Mayan societies and was basically served as a portable food for the military. It’s normally made of starchy corn dough and steamed in a banana leaf. In some cases it’s loaded down with chicken mole, it is sometimes even cooked with roasted vegetables. Pretty much every stand in the city has its very own variety.


This is most likely the closest thing to what I generally thought a taco was. Tostadas are hard-shelled, flat tortillas that are then filled with various sorts of filling. My personal top choice is a ceviche tostada, yet you can get chicken, mole, shrimp, tomatoes, the rundown continues forever.

In a Nutshell

Is it true that you are hungry now? Mexico is genuinely a paradise for food lovers, so get here and enjoy eating.

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