Top tourist attractions in Denver

Denver city hall

Denver is the capital of Colorado; an American metropolis dating back to the Old West era. It is among the most flourishing cities in the US. It being a growing urban centre, you can easily detect a cosmopolitan nature from its art and culinary scene.

Denver is also commonly referred to as the High Mile City. This is home to endless outdoor adventures and jaw-dropping mountain views. That is not all; this travel hotspot will make sure you enjoy your visit here. You won’t feel any kind of loss for any amount of money you’ll have spent here. This is the main reason why Denver draws about 30,000 visitors every year.

Honestly, the list of attractions in Denver is endless. Denver prides itself on being a must-visit in the West. Thus, with so much to and see around this fascinating city, this article will only discuss the most important ones. Whether you are into indoor or outdoor adventures, you’ll still get something to steal away all your attention.

Without further ado, here are the best attractions in Denver.

Larimer Square

Larimer Square is one of the best attractions in Denver. This historic block remains the oldest in the city having been established in the early 1400s. Even though it is old, it is filled with fine dining and shopping. It has over 15 cafés and restaurants where you can get in and enjoy delicious food, drinks and an extensive wine menu.

It is located at the heart of the city. It is such a perfect place when all you want is to relax in a serene place as you breathe in the fresh air. It also provides a great place for photography. Even if you are not into professional travel photography, be sure to bring your smartphone or your camera; you’ll enjoy taking pictures here.

Larimer Square is also a great place to sample the nightlife in Denver thanks to numerous jazz bars and comedy shows available. For shopaholics, there are plenty of local stores you can shop to your satisfaction. Larimer Square is something for every visitor indeed.

Mount Evans

Only a one hour 30 minutes drive from the city, Mount Evans is a must-visit attraction when touring Denver. The mountain is best known for its scenic byway. It is a Colorado 14er sitting at 14,264 feet in the sky. It is among the 54 infamous Colorado 14ers that peaks above 14,000 feet. While you can opt to climb it to the peak, you have to be well trained and adventurous enough to make it. That’s why the majority of visitors prefer to drive to it. The good news is that even when driving, you’ll still enjoy the breathtaking view.

If you are yearning for a unique road trip, this mountain will give you the most memorable road trip ever. You’ll not only drive the highest paved road in North America but you’ll also drive 9000 feet to reach the top of Mt Evans. Isn’t that incredible? The drive starts at the mountain’s booth. Then you drive up the windy mountain road enjoy the scenic views of the mountain and towns below you. The spot offs along the way such as Summit Lake and Echo Lake will make your road trip even more memorable. There are also mountain goats that you are likely to spot along the way. Though they are harmless, remember they are still wild animals. Try to give them their space as you take those pics.

Denver museum

The Denver museum of nature and science is located in the city park area of Denver. Other than it being a learning and research platform, the Denver museum is a great attraction to all kinds of travellers. Here, you’ll obviously get to see the infamous Egyptian Mummies as well as the Space Odyssey. But that is not all; if you like, you can catch a film or two at their theatre in Phipps Auditorium and thereafter lounge back in the Gates Planetarium. When you visit the Denver museum, don’t leave without all you’ve ever wanted to learn about palaeontology, zoology, geology and anthropology. The museum guides are usually willing to answer all your questions.

Molly Brown House Museum

If history excites you, then this is a great place to tour during your visit to Denver. This is the house Margret Tobin Browns also known as Molly lived in with her husband in the late 1800s. Molly was an ambitious lady and many people remember her from different angles depending on their area of interest. Molly was famously known for being amongst the fewest survivors of the titanic but she was also a philanthropist as well as an activist.

There was a time in 1970 when the city wanted to demolish the house but Denver’s citizens would hear none of it. Through their outcry, this historic building was saved from demolition and you can do a private tour and learn more about this house.

Denver botanic gardens

Denver botanic garden is another great attraction in Denver. This public botanical garden is located in Chessman Park and has a conservatory and themed gardens. The garden will keep you busy as you enjoy exploring countless types of plants and flowers spread on this 24-acre piece of land.

This is a great place when you want to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. The beautiful garden and magical floral paths will make it possible. When it’s too hot, check out the shady gardens. It’s a garden specifically designed to keep you cool when the heat is unbearable.

Denver Zoo

Denver zoo was founded in 1896 and it is home to a number of animals such as tigers, penguins, elephants, flamingos, rhinoceros, bears and lions to mention a few. The zoo occupies an 80-acre piece of land, it is owned by the city of Denver and it is one of the most paid attractions in the metro Denver area. If you want to learn more about the animals in the zoo, you can join their zoo tales classes. The zookeepers and vets will take you through the history of the animals and you’ll also experience the life of a zookeeper during your visit. Making it a very memorable moment.

The best of Denver Colorado

In addition to its epic location at the top of a mountain range, Denver has a lot of attractions to wow tourists. This is one destination you wonder what and what not to include in your itinerary. There is so much to do and see all within this urban sophisticated city however long you stay.

Furthermore, it is only in Denver you get it all. It is a city with beautiful weather and welcoming people. From epic natural attractions, serene views, great bars and restaurants to world-class cultural attractions, Denver is one destination you can’t enough of regardless of the number of visits. Besides, all Denver’s neighbourhoods have something special to warrant your visit. Meaning, when you visit Denver, you will also likely visit the neighbouring places. So, come prepared to enjoy a long but satisfying and memorable vacation in Denver.

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